Inspiration Ebook

Hi all it has been a while, but I have finally got space to write a blog again.

One of the reasons I have not been writing is I have been busy creating an ebook, that I can giveaway to people who sign up to my email list and team.

I chose to create a book called 105 Inspirational Quotes just for You as I was looking for something that would help people starting out on their journey have something to inspire them daily.

Inspirational Ebook

Inspirational quotes are one of the things that is helping me grow my mindset daily to help me succeed in life.

On this journey I have been exploring how to use leadpages, create my own capture pages and how to use a site rotator to test pages.  I am learning so much everyday that I would love to share with people who are looking for the same thing I am, a way out of the JOB so I can spend my time giving to others and being available for my family.

Through this system I am learning so much on how to build my business.  I was involved in a wonderful training last night with one of the high earners in our business and I was able to pick up so much useful information which can be used for building this business and any other business online or offline.

Life has been interesting lately as both my husband and I are working on creating a new life for ourselves but through it all we are remaining positive and the right people are coming into our lives at just the right time. The other day I was listening to an inner circle recording about desperation and that got me thinking I am desperate to make this new life.  Everyday I head to the office and work for someone else and then have lunch with a friend and think to myself it will be great when I can have lunch and not be on a time restraint.  I just want freedom to be able to do what I want with no financial or time restraints.

In the last few weeks there has been some very major disasters in the world, these have made me think one of my Whys of this business is I want to be able to help in times of need without thinking of financial consequences whether it is actually getting on  plane and being on the ground somewhere or being able to give a large financial contribution, I have heard from friends that traveled to the latest Company event in Nashville that there are people in this organisation that are paying to get ambulances into the African countries.  Everyone in this organisation is a giver and that is what I love about it.

What my husband and I have always said is that when we have enough we want to be able to help out our local free ambulance service by buying a new ambulance and having it fully maintained and crewed for the life of the ambulance.

If you want to serve your community and make  difference in your own life and the life of your loved ones I would love to have you join me on my journey to make this little part of the world a much better place.

To help me with getting my mind into a better place I am using a series of learning called the Inner Circle.  Check out this wonderful source of daily inspiration and mindset training by checking out the banner below about training your brain.