Millionaire mind | Wealth Files Part 6

If something bad happens to you e.g. a redundancy do you look at it as an obstacle or an opportunity?

Rich people see potential growth and they focus on rewards. Poor people see potential loss, and focus on the risks.

Millionaire Mind | Wealth Files


This is the sixth post on things I have learned from “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

Last post I talked about the first four Wealth Files.  Today I am going to talk about the next three.
These Wealth Files  are from ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker

Wealth File #5
Rich People Focus on Opportunities. Poor People focus on Obstacles

If something bad happens to you e.g. a redundancy do you look at it as an obstacle or an opportunity?

Rich people see potential growth and they focus on rewards.  Poor people see potential loss, and focus on the risks.

Poor people generally make choices based on fear, their minds are constantly scanning for what is wrong or could go wrong in any situation.  Their primary mind-set is what if it doesn’t work? Or more often, “It won’t work.” Middle class people are slightly more optimistic.  Their mind-set is “I sure hope this works.”

Rich people expect to succeed, they have confidence in their abilities, creativity and believe that if stuff goes wrong they will find another way to succeed.

Rich people focus on what they want, while poor people focus on what they do not.  Remember what you focus on expands.  Because rich people focus on the opportunities in everything, opportunities abound for them.

Your field of focus determines what you find in life.

For me when I was made redundant I focussed on it as an opportunity.  For me it was a chance to put some serious work into this business, doing blogging etc.  It was also an opportunity for me to experience to some degree the life I want to lead of freedom.  Now work opportunities are coming my way so I will not have the freedom again but will keep working on that in my own time.

Harv Eker says if you want to get rich focus on making, keeping and investing your money.  If you want to be poor, focus on spending your money.

Rich people do research quickly, and then take action.  Poor people are known to do the research and then keep doing the research without ever taking action.

Rich people trust that once they are in the game they can make intelligent decisions in the present moment, make corrections, and adjust their directions along the way.

Wealth File #6
Rich People admire other rich and successful people.  Poor people resent rich and successful people.

How do you look at rich people?  Do you look at them and want to associate with them and learn from them or do you think they are bad in some way?  If you think rich people are bad you will never be rich.  You need to change that mental programming.

Me, personally I am loving my association with rich people and am soaking up as much of their knowledge as I possibly can. When I look back at my history my husband and I have always been around rich and successful people.  Over the years we have met some very rich people, and our first real introduction was our first multi-level marketing company. We have always enjoyed spending time with the top earners and have made an effort to do so in every other business we have been associated with.  To me rich people are my mentors, they have done it, so I am going to follow in their footsteps as much as possible.

The truth is resenting the rich is one of the surest ways to stay broke.  Instead of resenting the rich we need to start admiring the rich blessing them and loving them.  That way when you become rich other people will admire you, bless you and love you instead of resent the heck out of you the way you might do them now.  One of the sayings in in Hawaii based on old Huna Wisdom is

“Bless that which you want.  If you see a person with a beautiful home, bless that person and that home.  If you see a person with a beautiful car, bless that person and bless that car. If you see a person with a loving family, bless that family and bless that person.  If you see a person with a beautiful body bless that person and bless their body.  In other words Bless that which you want”


Wealth File #7
Rich People Associate with positive, successful people.  Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people

Take a look at the people around you.  What sort of people are they? Do they celebrate the success of others or do they put down their success?

Harv Eker says the fastest and easiest way to create wealth is to learn exactly how rich people, who are masters of money, play the game.  The goal is simply model their inner and outer strategies.  If you take the exact same actions and have the exact same mind-set, chances are good you will get the exact same results.

Here is Harv’s answer if the loved ones you are closest too are negative

“First don’t bother trying to get negative people to change. That’s not your job.  Your job is to use what you have learned to better yourself and your life.  Be the model, be successful, be happy, then maybe – and I stress Maybe- they’ll see the light (in you) and want some of it.  Again, energy is contagious.  Darkness dissipates in light. People actually have to work hard to stay “dark” when light is all around them.  Your job is simply to be the best you can be.  If they choose to ask the secret, tell them.

Second keep in mind another principle that is taught in another of Harv’s courses “everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to assist me.” Yes it is difficult to be positive and conscious around people and circumstances that are negative, but that’s your test! Just as steel is hardened in the fire, if you can remain true to your values while others around you are full of doubt and even condemnation, you’ll grow faster and stronger”

Did you know that most people earn within 20% of the average income of their closest friends?  That’s why you’d better watch whom you associate with and choose whom you spend your time with carefully.

“If you want to fly with the eagles, don’t swim with the ducks”

Rich people hang around with winners.  Poor people hang around with losers.  Why? It’s a matter of comfort


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If you want to start associating with Rich people like I do, join me so we can both be rich and change the world together.

Millionaire Mind |Wealth Principles |Money Mastery part 5

This post is further learnings from the book Secrets of the Millionaire mind. Today we discuss the first four wealth files in depth.
Think big, rich people create their own lives, Rich people play the money game to win, and are committed to been rich.

Millionaire Mind |Wealth Principles |Money Mastery

Yesterday I shared the 17 Wealth Files.  Today I am going to go into more detail on the first 4 Wealth files.

I am currently reading the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker and in this series of posts I am sharing what I am learning from this book.

The first Wealth File I am going to talk about is

Rich People believe “I create my Life” Poor People believe “Life happens to me”

The most important thing you meed to know about rich people is they believe they are responsible for their own life.  They choose to believe that they create their life by their thoughts and actions.

They do not blame anything else for where they are in life.  Rich people believe that no matter what (the environment is, the political situation is, my friends think of) what happens in my life is up to me.

Another thing that poor or middle class people do is justify to themselves that money is not really important.  If you do not think money is important then it will not feature greatly in your life.  Money is extremely important in the areas in which it works, and extremely unimportant in the areas in which it doesn’t. And although love may make the world go round, it sure doesn’t pay for the building of any hospitals, churches or homes.  It also doesn’t feed anybody.

Another clue that you are not thinking rich is complaining.  I just love this statement “When you are complaining, you become a living breathing “crap magnet””.  When you think this it really makes it clear to you that it is stupid to complain because the more you complain the more you are putting bad stuff out there, and the more that you put the bad stuff out there the more it will come back to you.

Whenever you hear yourself blaming, justifying or complaining stop immediately and remind yourself that you are creating your own life and that at every moment you will be attracting either success or crap into your life.  It is so important that you choose your thoughts and words wisely.

Remember Money Mastery is more mindset than technique

Remember there is no such thing as a really rich victim.

Wealth File 2

Rich people play the money game to win.  Poor people play the money game not to lose

If you shoot for the stars, you’ll at least hit the moon.  You need to think rich.  Give yourself treats every so often by doing things like not looking at the prices on a menu on a night out.  Make your goal to be rich not just comfortable.

Have the goal to have massive wealth and abundance not just to be comfortable and be able to pay the bills.

Wealth File 3

Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.

The number one reason people don’t get what they want is because they do not know what they want.  Rich people are totally clear that they want wealth.  They are unwavering in their desire and are fully committed to creating wealth, as long as it is legal moral and ethical they will do whatever it takes to have wealth.  Rich people choose to be rich firstly then commit which means holding nothing back to achieve being rich.

Wealth File 4

Rich people think big.  Poor people think small.

The law of income: You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace.

Are you going to play big or are you going to play small?

Here is a video I did on this recently

Would you rather solve problems for a small amount of people or a large amount of people.  The world doesn’t need people playing small.

The declaration that goes with this wealth file is very strong.  “I think big! I choose to help thousands and thousands of people”

If you want a vehicle that will help you to think big and live the life you want click on any of the banners on this page, message me on Facebook and leave a message below.

Have a great day






Inspiration Ebook

Hi all it has been a while, but I have finally got space to write a blog again.

One of the reasons I have not been writing is I have been busy creating an ebook, that I can giveaway to people who sign up to my email list and team.

I chose to create a book called 105 Inspirational Quotes just for You as I was looking for something that would help people starting out on their journey have something to inspire them daily.

Inspirational Ebook

Inspirational quotes are one of the things that is helping me grow my mindset daily to help me succeed in life.

On this journey I have been exploring how to use leadpages, create my own capture pages and how to use a site rotator to test pages.  I am learning so much everyday that I would love to share with people who are looking for the same thing I am, a way out of the JOB so I can spend my time giving to others and being available for my family.

Through this system I am learning so much on how to build my business.  I was involved in a wonderful training last night with one of the high earners in our business and I was able to pick up so much useful information which can be used for building this business and any other business online or offline.

Life has been interesting lately as both my husband and I are working on creating a new life for ourselves but through it all we are remaining positive and the right people are coming into our lives at just the right time. The other day I was listening to an inner circle recording about desperation and that got me thinking I am desperate to make this new life.  Everyday I head to the office and work for someone else and then have lunch with a friend and think to myself it will be great when I can have lunch and not be on a time restraint.  I just want freedom to be able to do what I want with no financial or time restraints.

In the last few weeks there has been some very major disasters in the world, these have made me think one of my Whys of this business is I want to be able to help in times of need without thinking of financial consequences whether it is actually getting on  plane and being on the ground somewhere or being able to give a large financial contribution, I have heard from friends that traveled to the latest Company event in Nashville that there are people in this organisation that are paying to get ambulances into the African countries.  Everyone in this organisation is a giver and that is what I love about it.

What my husband and I have always said is that when we have enough we want to be able to help out our local free ambulance service by buying a new ambulance and having it fully maintained and crewed for the life of the ambulance.

If you want to serve your community and make  difference in your own life and the life of your loved ones I would love to have you join me on my journey to make this little part of the world a much better place.

To help me with getting my mind into a better place I am using a series of learning called the Inner Circle.  Check out this wonderful source of daily inspiration and mindset training by checking out the banner below about training your brain.





Pain- Where do you draw the line?

Today the thought that has been circling around my mind has been pain. I have been in physical pain today and it made me start thinking about life pain and how much pain are you willing to go through before you do something about that pain.

Hi all

Today the thought that has been circling around my mind has been pain.  I have been in physical pain today and it made me start thinking about life pain and how much pain are you willing to go through before you do something about that pain.

The pain could be the pain of been away from your children all day, not getting to travel the way you want to, dealing with the daily traffic commute, bullies in the workplace, or simply not having time to do what you want because you are tied to a J.O.B.

When is that pain going to get too much, so you have to make a change in your life or mindset to get what you actually want in life?  For some people they may be satisfied, and endure the pain but for many something will click and they will decide, enough, I need to make changes now.  The change may be that they have a health issue which forces them to re-think their lives, they might have a dream or vision that tells them they have to change, they need to change what they are doing everyday.

In my case it was a partner redundancy which has inspired me to get my financial freedom so I can spend more time with my husband doing what we want to do.  He has committed to starting his own business online and offline and that was the impetus I needed to get mine started.

When I was looking I found the wonderful TILT team and have not looked back.  Every day I am learning more reading people’s blogs, listening to team calls and checking out the communications of all the team on Facebook.  Loving seeing the success of my fellow team members and seeing the changes that are happening to me.  I never imagined two weeks ago that I would be able to consistently write a blog, writing has never been my thing.  This team has just encouraged me all the way.

If you want this kind of encouragement, have decided you have reached your pain point and want to do something different with your life, make contact with me on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In and I can show you how to have the freedom, time, travel you want.

Alternatively click the banner in the middle of this article and take the trial.  Let me know what you think.  I look forward to seeing you doing what you want with your life.

Spring Cleaning

Today the thought of spring cleaning has been going through my mind. The reason for this is that I have been doing quite a bit of cleaning today in preparation for leaving my husband at home to work while I am in the office. As I as thinking about Spring Cleaning I also thought about the concept of spring cleaning the mind.

Today the thought of spring cleaning has been going through my mind.  The reason for this is that I have been doing quite a bit of cleaning today in preparation for leaving my husband at home to work while I am in the office.  As I as thinking about Spring Cleaning I also thought about the concept of spring cleaning the mind.

By Spring cleaning the mind I mean getting rid of a old thinking and getting the mind into the new thinking that will help you succeed.  It is getting ridding of the negative self-talk and replacing it with empowering thoughts.  It is getting rid of the baggage of the past and replacing it with the future you desire.

I have a friend that has gone from not knowing what to do with her life, depressed and feeling hopeless to this wonderful butterfly that shines every day now and is really looking at things she never imagined she would be able to do, like owning her own house.  She has decided that she will no longer be an anchor on herself but will instead fly by running her own business based around her passion.  The change has been amazing to watch.

I am doing this blogging and it amazes me daily what I am managing to talk about.  I never knew I could write, and I have been changing my thinking to make sure I blog everyday of the challenge.  To me it is a new determination to succeed.  I need to succeed this time so I am making sure that I am also doing a spring clean of my mind and mixing with people that are successful and learning from them.  The training I am getting through both IPAS2 and Empower is amazing and I am seeing new people join and immediately succeed. One of the stories I had the honour of hearing the other day was a fellow New Zealander who within 24 hours had all of the money she paid for the Pro package returned to her.

If you follow the system you will succeed.

If you want to join me in this wonderful system please contact me on Facebook or click the banner in the middle of the post.  I love your comments and feedback

See you on the other side

Opportunity is Everywhere

Opportunities are everywhere. You just need to put it out there what you want and you will see opportunities to get there everywhere.

HI all

I have been reading one of our many books “Money Success and You” by John Kehoe and one of the chapters is opportunity is everywhere.  We saw John Kehoe live many years ago and collected a number of his books including his most famous “Mind Power”

This is so true, I am seeing it everywhere.  As I mentioned in earlier blogs my husband has just been made redundant but we are not sad.  We are looking at this as an opportunity.  This is the opportunity we have been looking for where Alan can start his own business and start doing Business Coaching.  Since we have decided we are doing Business Coaching we have now found a number of TV Programs that are wonderful in teaching my husband how he can do coaching.  We have come across a really wonderful program called The Million Dollar Intern and we are learning so much from this, also programs like Secret Shopper.  Before we put it out there that we were doing Business Coaching we had not noticed programs like these before.

Another way I am seeing opportunities is our girlfriend who has been struggling for years can now see herself as a business owner is going to start a business blogging about Animals and doing a pet-care service (primarily cats). She is eager and excited.  She is seeing potential everywhere now.  It is exciting to see.

And of course when I wasn’t really looking I found this amazing IPAS2 opportunity.  I am seeing people having success everyday so I am just trying to get my name out there daily.  I am using Twitter, Facebook and Linked in to post my blogs daily as well as my own site which I have had for a number of years. I am also trying to use a number of the traffic generators I have used over the years with varying levels of success.

This is the first time I have really stuck to the goal of writing a blog and I think I am doing reasonably well.  This is my eleventh one in the 21 day challenge.

Anyone can do this and see opportunities when their head is in the right mindset.  Opportunities really are everywhere.