Attitude | Is your Attitude worth catching?

Is your attitude worth catching? Do you go around in a funk of negativity believing everything is a poo sandwich or do you get up with a smile and face the world with a positive attitude to the world?

Is your attitude worth catching?

Do you believe that you can be successful it just takes some work? Or do you believe that life is poo sandwich and everything is against you?

Your attitude affects your life in so may ways, so take a close look at your attitude.  Is there something that needs to change?

I have a close friend that was bought up to believe it was wrong to be given anything it was taking, that she was worthless at practical things and wasn’t allowed to help in the kitchen or taught anything practical as a child.  She was encouraged in her school work but not allowed to learn to cook, clean or do any of the things our parents normally teach us.  She was also taught that money was wrong, that people that had money were mean.

In the last few years I have seen a major attitude change in this friend as she has realised she is totally capable and it is not bad to accept gifts.  This friend now is an amazing cook experimenting in the kitchen all the time and is a great little housecleaner. And now can accept gifts without feeling bad.  That is a major turn around in attitude.  She is now even running her own business and understands that successful people actually give more by been successful.

I have another friend that has been through illness and hardship all her life but she always has a wonderful smile and believes that life is great.  This lady has had a positive attitude no matter what has happened to her in life and as a result she has outlived so many people that did not have her positive attitude when many times she has been told she has multiple illnesses.

So is your attitude worth catching?

Do you run around thinking the the sky is falling, nothing ever goes your way? or do you look forward to every day? Start the morning with a smile and keep smiling no matter what life throws at you?

Do you think your attitude needs some adjusting?

There are so many wonderful books out there, audios you can listen to and people that can help you with changing your attitude.

I am part of a wonderful team online called the totally inspired living tribe and I have never met such a wonderfully supportive team of people before in my life.  We are all there to support each other not hype, and we read each other’s blogs and videos and help syndicate and teach each other. And it is all because I joined this wonderful business at the beginning of the year.

Through this business I am getting daily inspiration to help adjust my attitude by reading, listening to audios and associating with some of the most amazing people in the world.

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So is your attitude worth catching?

If you think your attitude needs adjusting then lets do this together.  Catch up with me on Facebook or leave a comment below.  I would love to meet you.

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Persistence | A great example of Persistence

A great example of persistence

Today I am going off topic, well kind of.  This week my husband has released the first few tee shirts in his designer tee shirt range so I am excited about that.

I am discussing this today because it is about persistence and desire.

Alan has been working really hard on the designs for this release for the last few weeks and will keep adding to the range over time.  He has currently got at least 30 designs in the pipeline.

Alan started talking about doing these tee shirts last year or even earlier and it has been his priority for the last few months .  The target market for Win-Dirty is sporting people and fans, particularly Wrestlers, MMA,  mountain bikers and fighters.  This is mainly because Alan has been involved with pro wrestling for about 20 years and loves the slogans that come out of these industries.

In the last week or two Alan has had issues with the platforms he was on and was getting really depressed so I was really proud and excited when he told me on Friday that he had the first tee-shirts on line. Over the last few weeks we have gone through depression and excitement and everything else in between but through persistence he has achieved his goal of getting his first designs out so hearing that news was the best thing.

Check out the store here we would love your support.

Here are some of the tee-shirts:

PicMonkey Collage teeshirts


In the last few weeks he has talked to designers and they have complimented him on his design work and given him some advice on layout.  He has also spent a lot of time researching on the internet and has not seen this kind of design work anywhere else so we believe these are unique.

I talked about persistence a few weeks ago so decided to show another example of persistence.

I am also working on persistence, Desire and habit -forming for me with the 90 day boot camp I am working on. We need to read, do videos and do blogging. I was reading in Napoleon Hills Keys to Success the other day about cosmic habit force and that is what we are working to achieve.

All of us are ruled by our habits. These are fastened onto us by repeated thoughts and experiences. You have complete right of control over your thoughts. We create patterns of thought by repeating certain ideas or behaviour until the Law of Cosmic Habitforce takes over these patterns and makes them more or less permanent unless or until you consciously rearrange them.

By doing the bootcamp  I am developing habits of persistence and consistency that will take my business and life forward every day.

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Procrastination | Reasons for Procrastination

There are two main reasons for procrastination, the fear of success and the fear of failure. Today I go a bit more in depth of these two fears and ways to overcome them.

Reasons for Procrastination

Over the last few posts I have been talking about procrastination.  In the first post I was fairly general about some of the reasons for Procrastination,  in the second post I shared some quotes about procrastination and how they apply to me and in this post I am going to discuss the two major fears that can lead to procrastination.

My husband has been doing some training as well for his business as well and his mentor said that the two main reasons for procrastination are the “fear of Success” and the “Fear of Failure” and so he suggested I go into more detail on these fears.

Why is it that so many lottery winners are back to where they started a year after they won the lottery? Why do Pop Stars that become famous overnight have so much problem dealing with it? Particularly if it is a result of a reality show.  A lot of the reason is that these people do not know how to handle success.  A lot of people do not how they would handle success if it came to them suddenly by doing something so they procrastinate.

You have to know how to deal with success, and the way you learn, is by reading and listening to audios.  Training your mind that success is natural, that you will succeed and you will be able to handle it.  Your mind has to be prepared to accept success otherwise it will self-sabotage all your efforts.

The way I am preparing my mind is reading powerful books like Napoleon Hill, listening to audios like our inner circle audios and I am also listening to subliminal recordings and hypnosis but that is not for everyone.

Other ways we can prepare ourselves are by meditation and associating with other successful people. Masterminding with other successful people enables you to associate success with you and your friends and just be accepted.


Reasons for Procrastination


The other major Fear you have to overcome often to stop procrastination is the “Fear of Failure.” With this fear you are afraid that you will fail so do not even want to start the task before you.  You might have been told all your informative years that you will never come to anything, that you might as well not try as you will fail.

One of the the first things you have to teach yourself is that all successful people have failed before they achieved.  One of the most important things to remember is that Edison failed 10000 times before he succeeded in creating a working light-bulb.  Donald Trump has failed many times but what makes him great is that he always gets up and starts again and is now one of the richest men in the world.   What you need to do is look at failure as just a step along the way to success.  Each failure gets you further along the path to success as you learn how to deal with that issue and progress further on the path to success.


PicMonkey Collage

The more important thing is if you fail do you just try again after analysing the reason for failure? If you do you will be preparing yourself for success and the more you do this the less you will procrastinate.

These are two main reasons for procrastination,  There are multiple reasons but most of them will boil down to these two reasons.

If you have enjoyed reading my post on reasons for Procrastination,  then comment below with examples you have come across and methods you are using to overcome these two main fears.

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Reasons for Procrastination

To summarise the two main reasons for Procrastination are fear of success and fear of failure and they both can be interchanged and overcome by preparing the mind.

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Self Discipline | Ways to build your self Discipline

Self discipline enables you to think about the consequences then say your words. In other-words think before you act. This also means you control your emotions by regulating the power of each emotion.

Ways to build your Self Discipline

I have been reading a wonderful book called Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success and one of the chapters I have just read is all about Self Discipline.

The chapter is called Enforce Discipline and is one of the Keys to success.  There are six mini topics under the heading of Enforce your Self Discipline and they are Controlling your emotions, The big four, The power of Self-Discipline, The structure of your mind, The things you cannot discipline, and the power of will.

Controlling your Emotions – Self discipline enables you to think about the consequences then say your words.  In other-words think before you act. This also means you control your emotions by regulating the power of each emotion.

There are 14 emotions split into Positive emotions and Negative emotions.

These emotions are:

Love Fear
Sex Jealousy
Hope Hatred
Faith Revenge
Enthusiasm Greed
 Loyalty Anger
Desire Superstition

Emotions provide your driving power and if you can control them you will achieve amazing results.  They need to be balanced because too much of any emotion can overwhelm the others and take away reasoning for example there are those people that are so in love that they will do anything for their loved ones.  They are putty in the hands of others and rarely amount to anything because they have no purpose in their own life.

You must control and direct your emotions, not deny them.  Denial would be an impossible task because emotions are like a river, their power can be dammed and released under control and direction, but it cannot be held in check forever.

The section on the Big Four is all about using self discipline in four highly important areas.  Appetite, Positive Mental Attitude, Time and Definiteness of Purpose.  A Positive Mental Attitude is the is the only frame of mind in which you can have a definiteness of purpose.

Definiteness of purpose is the most important reason for self discipline.  You you know your definiteness of purpose then you will do everything in your abilities to achieve it.  The power of Self-Discipline allows you to achieve amazing things.  Let’s look at Mahatma Gandhi.



Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most powerful persons in the world, and he didn’t have a house, and had no money but his influence is incredible

This man over long years defeated the British Empire because his definiteness of purpose was to free the people of India.  He went the extra mile to free hundreds of thousands of people. He had applied faith. He completely cleared his mind of any doubt that freedom would be won. And he had amazing self discipline.

Focus your mind on your definiteness of Purpose and self-discipline will be learned along the way to make sure you achieve your definiteness of Purpose.

So going back to the title of this blog

Self Discipline Ways to build your self discipline

Do you think you have learnt ways to build your self discipline?

What ways do you use to build your self-discipline?

Reading is a good start.  Another way is listening to inspiring audios.

I do both and I am amazed daily on what I seem to be achieving.

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Persistence |What is it to be Persistent?

Persistence: What is is it to be persistent?

Everyone keeps saying be persistent but what do they mean by that?

Here is the dictionary definition of persistence:

noun: persistence
  1. the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
    “Cardiff’s persistence was rewarded with a try”
    synonyms: perseverance, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness,staying power, purposefulness, firmness of purpose, patience, endurance,application, diligence, sedulousness, dedication, commitment,doggedness, persistency, pertinacity, assiduity, assiduousness,steadfastness, tirelessness, indefatigability, stamina; More

  2. the continued or prolonged existence of something.
    “the persistence of huge environmental problems”

So a good definition of persistence is setting yourself goals and keeping to them, developing habits, and staying the course no matter what gets in your way,

With the 90 day bootcamp I am doing I have been impressed with how much I have achieved so far.  The persistence is paying off and I have not seen myself so happy in such a long time.

I was extremely camera shy when I started but I can now say I have done 23 Facebook videos and by persisting through the challenge they have now become just another way of communicating.

Another friend of mine (you can meet her here) has shown persistence in wanting to run her own pet care/feeding business.  She had her first client last week and the customer was so impressed that she already has repeat business.  Heni went around every pet store in her area and every place where she could leave cards and also do mail drops and the persistence has paid off.

So tell me below examples of persistence in your life I would love to hear of ways that persistence has paid off for you

Other ways of showing persistence are reading daily, blogging regularly, sharing your business and ideas with people and generally making habits stick.

Persistence|What is it to be persistent?

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Release your inner-child

I love holidays. This holiday we have decided to take it as a total rest one. Yesterday and today we have spent the time totally relaxing. We have been spending some time playing in the resort pool and today we met a couple of children who attached themselves to us in the pool so we ended up doing things like walking around the outer edges creating whirlpools

Hi all

I love holidays. This holiday we have decided to take it as a total rest one. Yesterday and today we have spent the time totally relaxing. We have been spending some time playing in the resort pool and today we met a couple of children who attached themselves to us in the pool so we ended up doing things like walking around the outer edges creating whirlpools. It is so easy to forget how much exercise you can do when you are playing with children your inner child really comes out.

In the last couple of years both my husband and my inner child has been released more and more. We have gone back to doing more and more activities that remind us of stuff we used to do when we were much younger.

If you want to be able to release your inner child more often, spend more time with your loved ones, do fun activities when you want to, then click the banner in the middle of this article and I will see you on the other side on the beaches or holidays of the world.

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Books that have inspired me

Today I am going to keep it simple and talk about some books that I have really enjoyed.

The first is about New Zealand guy called Jason Barrell. The book is called Try, Try Again. Written with the help of Elaine Weber McGough

Hi Everyone

Hope you are having a wonderful day.  If you are not then some of these books might help you.

Today I am going to keep it simple and talk about some books that I have really enjoyed.

The first is about New Zealand guy called Jason Barrell.  The book is called Try, Try Again. Written with the help of Elaine Weber McGough

Jason grew up in Northland, struggled through school with dyslexia, ran a successful business with his wife, became a professional Rugby Player in the Super 12 and then got a broken neck.

When the broken neck ended his rugby career, he went on to become a policeman. Unfortunately tragedy struck again and a series of strokes forced him to undergo a life threatening operation that left him semi-paralysed, brain injured and unable to work. He was only 32.

This book tells of his recovery from this to become one of New Zealand’s most successful motivational speakers.

I was lucky enough to be at a conference to hear him speak.  Hearing his story from the man himself is amazing.  He is so strong.

The next book I want to talk about is:

Excuse me, your life is waiting – The astonishing power of Positive Feelings – Lynn Grabhorn

The back cover says that this book finally clarifies why most of our dreams have never materialised, why we have lived with all too empty bank accounts, tough relationships, failing health, and spiritually unfulfilling lives.

This book is all  about the Physics of thought and it teaches you how to turn your thoughts around.

Reading I learned all sorts of things which I probably do automatically now.  And I pass this book onto others to read if they think they are going no where.

The third book I want to share with you today “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch

This became very popular in the mid to late 2000’s.  It is the book written for a lecture series which was called the last lecture and was a chance for famous speakers to imagine what would be said if there was their last lecture.

At the time Randy had only just been told that the prostate cancer he had was terminal so he wrote the most amazing lecture aimed at his children knowing what he thought of them and giving them all kinds of advice.

I love inspirational books.  They make you see that against all adversity you can succeed.

If you want to get to know more inspirational people like these and listen to them daily then please join me by clicking the banner in the middle of the post, contacting me on Facebook, Twitter or Linked in and leaving comments

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Another Business Reason

My husband and I are what are called Red Angels – this means that we give a regular contribution


Life Flight TrustHi all, yesterday I talked about my favourite charity and reason for doing online marketing and getting financially free.  Today I want to talk about another charity which is close to my heart.

My husband and I are what are called Red Angels – this means that we give a regular contribution to the Life Flight Trust.  Many years ago my husband and I were members of the emergency response unit. This was a Civil Defence rescue team and as part of our training we did some work with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and the Life Flight trust. These people are called out to help people that need air ambulance help immediately.

Here is the History and how the Life Flight Trust came about

Belief in a better way

In 1929 a boy was born next to the runway in Wellington, his name was Peter Button. He grew up watching planes and helping out at the local fire station. From that runway, Peter’s passion for flying became a vision for a better way for New Zealand.

The Wahine disaster

Peter’s house shook as Cyclone Giselle, one of the worst storms to ever hit New Zealand, reached Wellington in 1968. He heard the cyclone had caused the inter-island ferry Wahine to come aground in Wellington Harbour so he rushed to the beach to help.

As 51 people drowned in sight of shore Peter realised a helicopter would have been able to rescue people from the sea. On that beach he famously said the words that founded Life Flight, “There has to be a better way.”

History in the making

Despite challenging bureaucracy and lack of funding Peter learned to fly and created a rescue helicopter service. He made history and eventually his work culminated in the launch of The Life Flight Trust. The Trust’s operations and equipment set records and lead the way in air rescue work in New Zealand and around the world.

Local hero

Peter Button became a household name and a local hero. In 1982 his work was recognised with an OBE and he also received a Queen’s Gallantry Medal for bravery in 1987.

 Tragedy strikes

In 1987 Peter was flying the Westpac Rescue Helicopter on a police mission when the machine hit power lines. The crash was fatal for all those onboard.

Thousands lined the streets of Wellington for the memorial service and a cortege of helicopters flew overhead to honour the loss of one of New Zealand’s heroes.

The Governor General, Sir Peter Reeves, became patron of The Life Flight Trust and a public appeal was launched in Peter’s memory. Donations poured in to continue his vision.

The dream is realised

Peter Button’s incredible vision of a 24/7 dedicated emergency air service has gone on to save more than 22,000 lives around New Zealand. Through the support of the community, Life Flight has become the organisation one pioneering New Zealander dreamed of.

Find out how you can help continue Peter Button’s life-saving dream.


As you can see this plays a big part in the life of Wellingtonians.

This is something I would love to be able to give more time as well as finance to, and am looking forward to being able to in the future.

If you have a charity, passion you want to spend more time on why don’t you join me by clicking the banner in the middle of this article or contacting me on Facebook or Twitter so we can work together on making the world a better place.