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This was my first overseas trip since my 21st so I was really excited. We flew to Brisbane and then caught the train to Surfers Paradise where we had an apartment for a week. We did three days of Conference meeting many of the leaders and picking up lots of information not just on the business itself but that could be transferred to life in general. When the Conference was over we then had the most amazing holiday.

Here is the next part of my story.  I hope that some of my experiences will help others.

I worked at home for 10 years.  The reason for that was we were hoping to start a family, however that did not happen.

I decided I wanted to go back to work again so I could socialise with people again because over the time I had been at home all my friends were working as well as Alan so I  did not have any one to socialise with and not having children I was not involved in any young mother’s groups.

When I decided I wanted to return to the workforce a role came up at EDS where Alan was working at the time. It was an administration role looking after a number of department heads so it was right up my alley. I just love making life easier for other people, organising their diaries and doing all the nitty gritty tasks to make life easier for managers. I did this for about a year until I was offered a role as a Project Facilitator. Project facilitator was a EDS specific role but was basically project Administrator. This was my first introduction to Projects and I loved it. I was looking after a team of about 10 Project Managers and was doing all the quality control and programme coordination for the support projects. It was great for me to be working again and I had a great time.

But all this normality was about to change.

It turns out that the second part of 2007 was going to be a big year for us.

At that stage we were working with a multi level company called ACN and we had the opportunity to go to Surfers Paradise, Australia for a Conference.

This was my first overseas trip since my 21st so I was really excited.

We flew to Brisbane and then caught the train to Surfers Paradise where we had an apartment for a week. We did three days of Conference, meeting many of the leaders and picking up lots of information not just on the business itself, but stuff that could be transferred to life in general. When the Conference was over we then had the most amazing holiday.

Activities we did were going to Jupiters Casino for a show.  The show was called Zingara and one of the amazing things it included was stunt motor-cycle riding. Going to MovieWorld Amusement park where I went on my first roller coaster, even if it was only a child-size one, watching the Police Academy driving demonstration and riding on a log ride where a photo is taken as you come out of the final tunnel descending into a pool of water. We also went shopping, seeing, what was to me, a huge mall called Pacific Fair which was across the road from our apartment. We did a lot of walking and I also got to visit my first Sushi Train restaurant. As we do when we are anywhere we found the local takeaways and shops as well going to the tourist places as well.


Our Austrlia Collage


During this time Alan had been going to Australia every couple of years for exams and just after we got back from Australia as a couple Alan was going to be  heading back again for an exam about 4 or 5 weeks later.

Alan has a blood condition which means that he is 10% more likely to get blood-clots so he needs to have aspirin for a few days before he flys and wears travel socks for travelling. During the conference we didn’t think about him wearing the socks as we thought we were moving enough, but it appears the accumulation of the conference followed by another trip to Australia and a three hour exam were bad and he should have been wearing the socks during those events.

Because, when Alan got back from Sydney a few weeks later, he started getting a really sore leg that could not be relieved any of the normal ways, so visited the Doctor. Doc took one look, ordered us over to get Ultrasounds, and from those results we were immediately sent to hospital. Alan had Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) below the knee. The hospital gave him one injection and organised for a district nurse to come and teach him how to inject himself. For the next four weeks Alan had to give himself an injection in the stomach everyday until his bloods were stable again. He was confined to the house, and was told specifically that he could only walk from the bedroom, to the kitchen and not outside of the house for six weeks unless he had to attend a medical appointment. Alan was put on Warfarin, and was on it for another year until the medical people were certain that his blood was at a normal clotting level.

During this time one of Alan’s friend was working early shift so was able to visit Alan everyday after his work and also because he was retail he had his weekends midweek so he was able to take Alan to his place from time to time so he was not seeing the same four walls all the time.

Over this time, because of his health issues,  Alan got depression and put on weight and generally got down. So having his friend around was good for him.  Fortunately, Alan  can tell when he is getting depressed and now can work out what he needs to do to get out of the depressive episode.

The other thing that happened was about four weeks after we got back from Australia I noticed that I was getting less and less work to do and a lot of the tasks that I used to do before I went to Australia were not been returned to me. The next thing I was taken aside and told that my job was no longer required. I was made redundant. This was my first time and it hit me hard. Now when I am under stress I cry.  This can be very unfortunate in the workplace because I might be coping pretty well but the simplest thing can set me off crying again.  Fortunately EDS were very good to me and put me through some counselling sessions and through a wonderful re-training and career preparation course which taught me how to write CV’s, Cover letters, and present at interviews. It was a high detail course and to me it was wonderful and I have used its resources time and time again.

It is amazing what you go through when you are made redundant.

I highly recommend that if counselling is available you take up the offer, as you don’t know when things are going to hit you. For me, issues of rejection came out, from a former role.  This counselling let me clear my head so that when I now go from job to job I know it is not rejection of any kind, just that that job is finished now and I can move on.  When you are highly stressed all kinds of baggage can come out.   As a result of the counselling and the training before I finished at EDS I had another job to go to. Fortunately for me on this timeline I went through the redundancy before Alan’s DVT was revealed.

This was the beginning for me of multiple jobs, Temping, Fixed Term Contracts, Contracts and even permanent roles. So I am used to finishing roles and moving onto the next one. Things were going reasonably smoothly for the next period of time. I was changing jobs often so getting good at interviews and working my way through the change of job each time.

We were still visiting hospital regularly for various family members. Betty had a dose of Bowel Cancer. Had the operation to fix it and chemotherapy and now has been cancer free for a few years now. Gran Henskie was admitted to hospital for Pneumonia a couple of times and was never the same again. And Alan had an operation that his blood specialist made clear was for health not vanity to remove his varicose veins. And Brian was gradually getting worse with more and more hospital visits but he was still going strong.

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