Attitudes and how they can affect you

I have the opposite attitude, I am saying life is an opportunity, I am working on my internet marketing business, I am reading powerful books, I am working with a really empowering group of people, for now I will just go out into the contracting world until this business kicks in and I get my freedom. I am happy and content and know that I will succeed. I know that we have reached the bottom of our trough and the only way to go is up now.

Attitudes and how they can affect you


Hi everyone

Well it has been a little while since I wrote but I have been going through interesting times.

I found out last week that my job has been disestablished. This is the second redundancy I have been through so I know how it goes and this time I am able to cope.

At the same time my husband has been going through a hard time. He didn’t realise quite how hard it was going to be starting his own business coaching business. At the start of the week he was telling me life sucks. I told him he needs to get rid of that attitude and instead say that we are the lowest we are going to go and now we can only go up. Midway through the week his attitude has improved again.

The reason why he was saying life sucks was that, he was made redundant December last year, his Grandmother died this year in February, he has not had any solid paying work for six months, one of our pet mice died over the weekend, we have had no car so weekend activities have been curtailed for the last few months and to top it off I have been made redundant now.

I have the opposite attitude, I am saying life is an opportunity, I am working on my internet marketing business, I am reading powerful books, I am working with a really empowering group of people, for now I will just go out into the contracting world until this business kicks in and I get my freedom.  I am happy and content and know that I will succeed. I know that we have reached the bottom of our trough and the only way to go is up now.

Already things are changing,  I will be helping my husband prepare his CV, he has so many skills, but hasn’t really thought about them. He just does not like sitting down and doing the administration. We will get another couple of female mice to keep Smoke, the surviving mouse, company this week so we will have a happy mice collection again. When we are both contracting we will be able to pick up a car so we are able to travel in the weekends again and do swimming and stuff like that, because public transport is all very well but it does not go where we want to go at the kind of times we want to go. Everything is looking up.

As my calendar says this month

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”

I am learning through my own reading and experience and reading other people’s blogs and seeing their experiences that attitude is just so important. I know I will get a good paying contract role, which will set me up until my digital products business takes over. I also know that as soon as my husband’s skills are with the agencies he will be picking up work without an issue. He will love contracting and I know he has desired skills. I also know that he will be able to continue his business coaching work in the evenings and build up a great reputation that way.

Opportunity is coming our way every way we look. Our local Neighbourhood social platform has just opened up a business arm so we will be able to advertise his business coaching there, I have been looking on our local Job search websites and there are heaps of jobs that match my skills and I know that soon we will be earning more money than we ever have before, which will give us the opportunity to invest in our businesses as well.

Life is looking good.

That is the only attitude I can have.

I am setting my goals, starting to visualise my future and I know I will succeed and the down patch we are going through is only a learning opportunity.

One of my aspirations is to be able to donate a good regular sum of money to a family I am helping in Kenya so they can be lifted from a minimum income job into a well-paying position. So they can afford to get a good quality house and not be scared every time that it rains in the rainy season that their mudhouse will fall down. I would like to see Peter able to get work closer to home or be able to move his family closer to his workplace,  as he currently works 575km away from his home,  so getting home is very difficult for him.

To start this process off I am starting a “givealittle” page which is a free fundraising site in New Zealand, to help with the Sifuna Family’s immediate needs of getting their daughter home from the hospital. Norlan is 10 years old and was admitted to hospital last month. Unfortunately because they have not been able to pay the bill, Norlan remains confined to the hospital when she would rather be at home and going to school. She will remain there until the bill is paid and the bill keeps going up every day with food and accommodation costs. Peter gives me updates every day on Norlan, and this week Norlan’s teacher was able to bring a few of her schoolmates into the hospital to play with her for about 20 minutes which was good for her.

The other attitude I am pushing is do not quit.

I am working on a 90 day boot camp and unfortunately I have got behind on a number of the assignments because of what has been happening, however I will not quit. I will be working hard to get myself caught up again, because the momentum is so great. I have just been listening to a webcast about changes that are happening to our business and I and my collegues are so excited about what is happening in the industry. This is a really exciting time for our industry and I would love for you to join me on the roller coaster that is going to lead to more success for more people.

Attitudes and how they affect you

I started off by calling this blog attitudes and how they affect you. I believe that an attitude like my husband’s was at the beginning of the week is not good so we are working together to change that attitude.  He is usually pretty good but has down times, whereas me, I am forever chirpy, positive and know that success will come our way. I am affecting him daily as his attitude is uplifting more and more daily. I love seeing him succeed and be happy. The change in attitude is immediately uplifting.

If you have an attitude where you feel that everything is wrong and life sucks then life will suck. You need to change it so that you attract good things to you. You need to be grateful for everything you have and more of the good stuff you want will come to you. Remember wherever you are, whatever the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

I look at the the Sifuna Family I am trying to help in Kenya and are forever grateful for what I have access to in our first world country and I just want to share so much of it.  Please help me help the Sifuna Family.

Contact me for details of how you can help to get Norlan home from hospital.

Be grateful every day for what you have and what you have achieved and your attitude will be forever positive.

Click any of the banners on this page to find out more about the extremely powerful business I am involved with.

Have a great day and remember Where ever you are always bring your own Sunshine.

Giving | The power of giving

This blog is about the Power of Giving and a Kenyan Family that needs your help now.

The power of giving

This week has been hard for me but also very powerful.  As I mentioned in my posts the other day one of my friends in Africa is struggling. I feel helpless been on the other side of the world and not been able to give him and his family a hug, however I have done what I can this week and given something to them and also promoted their plight.

This week I gave some money to help him out.  The money I gave him will help him with transport for getting back to his workplace but it will do nothing to help pay the hospital bill.  The hospital has officially discharged his daughter but is now keeping her at the hospital until the hospital bill is paid.

This is something I can not understand as in our country we have public hospitals and health service.

I love the power of giving and would give more if I was in the financial position to, however the feeling of being able to gift something, no matter how small,  to a friend was amazing, and I would love to be able to give more and will over time. However I am now putting my energy into putting out the request now for others to assist Peter and his family as well.

I am listening to an audio right now by a minister called Joel Osteen about asking for plenty, and God will provide. He talks about an old lady who Elijah went to see who only had one jar of oil that was of any value left to pay a bill.  Elijah tells her to go to her neighbours and borrow many containers.  When she returns with these many empty containers she is told to start pouring the oil and no matter how many containers she fills the oil never runs out.  The more empty containers you provide the more God will fill them.

God takes pleasure in providing for me and those I love and care for.

This week I found out that my workplace has provided an ambulance for the Wellington Free Ambulance and is looking at ways to make sure that communication in the service is the best that can be.  As this is one of my Whys then this makes me very proud and I look forward to when My husband and I can do this as well.

I am running this business so I have freedom to be able to give to people and charities as I want to and not worry about how I am going to pay my own bills.  I am starting to give so I know the feeling of it more and more even if we are feeling the pinch a bit ourselves because God will provide.

The power of giving

My gift in life is to be able to give to others. We need to believe that we live in plenty and can provide for others as well as ourselves.

Here is bit about Peter and Janet Sifuna and their four daughters

Peter is a Security Guard Manager at a resort 575kms away from the home where Janet and their four daughters live in a mud house.

When something happens as had happen twice this month Peter has to catch the bus home to see his family and each bus journey costs about 2000 Kenya Shillings.

At the beginning of last month Peter had to go home because his mother had cancer and had to have an operation and Peter had to lease the only piece of land he had to rent. So all his reserves were taken up looking after his Mother and Father.  Now a few weeks later his oldest daughter who is only 10 is admitted to hospital with Malaria and he is told the bill for the hospital is 31000 Kenya Shillings.  For those of us in New Zealand that is about 475.00 or in USD about 375.00.

It does not sound much to us but for Peter this is a large amount of money and make matters worse Norlan is basically held to ransom with food and linen costs been added everyday until the hospital bill is paid.

Please talk to me if you think you can help out this family.  I do not want to see them lose their home and for the hospital bill to keep increasing.

This photo shows the four girls and Peter and Janet.

The older girls in school uniform are Norlan and Olivia, The little girl in the pink floral top is Sherea and the little girl with the pink topknots that were Janet’s handiwork is Kim Junior.

The Sifuna Family

Peter has told me that when it rains, and does a lot over the rainy season, that he worries that the mud house house will fall down around the girls.  He has also told me the family struggles to pay the school fees.  So I am going to contribute small amounts to help the family out in the future.

Peter is teaching me Kiswahili the native language and has also just about completely arranged a trip for when we do visit them eventually.  We have built up quite a close online relationship over the last few months and it is painful to see them struggling like this.

If you want to experience the power of giving  please help out this family in their time of need and also help yourself so you do not need to go through this kind of hardship by joining me in this wonderful business which is helping me to grow and be such a powerful person.

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Have a great day.


Inspiration Ebook

Hi all it has been a while, but I have finally got space to write a blog again.

One of the reasons I have not been writing is I have been busy creating an ebook, that I can giveaway to people who sign up to my email list and team.

I chose to create a book called 105 Inspirational Quotes just for You as I was looking for something that would help people starting out on their journey have something to inspire them daily.

Inspirational Ebook

Inspirational quotes are one of the things that is helping me grow my mindset daily to help me succeed in life.

On this journey I have been exploring how to use leadpages, create my own capture pages and how to use a site rotator to test pages.  I am learning so much everyday that I would love to share with people who are looking for the same thing I am, a way out of the JOB so I can spend my time giving to others and being available for my family.

Through this system I am learning so much on how to build my business.  I was involved in a wonderful training last night with one of the high earners in our business and I was able to pick up so much useful information which can be used for building this business and any other business online or offline.

Life has been interesting lately as both my husband and I are working on creating a new life for ourselves but through it all we are remaining positive and the right people are coming into our lives at just the right time. The other day I was listening to an inner circle recording about desperation and that got me thinking I am desperate to make this new life.  Everyday I head to the office and work for someone else and then have lunch with a friend and think to myself it will be great when I can have lunch and not be on a time restraint.  I just want freedom to be able to do what I want with no financial or time restraints.

In the last few weeks there has been some very major disasters in the world, these have made me think one of my Whys of this business is I want to be able to help in times of need without thinking of financial consequences whether it is actually getting on  plane and being on the ground somewhere or being able to give a large financial contribution, I have heard from friends that traveled to the latest Company event in Nashville that there are people in this organisation that are paying to get ambulances into the African countries.  Everyone in this organisation is a giver and that is what I love about it.

What my husband and I have always said is that when we have enough we want to be able to help out our local free ambulance service by buying a new ambulance and having it fully maintained and crewed for the life of the ambulance.

If you want to serve your community and make  difference in your own life and the life of your loved ones I would love to have you join me on my journey to make this little part of the world a much better place.

To help me with getting my mind into a better place I am using a series of learning called the Inner Circle.  Check out this wonderful source of daily inspiration and mindset training by checking out the banner below about training your brain.