Empower Network | Why I joined the Empower Network

I originally joined the Empower Network a year ago and I went all in immediately. To me this was just what I had been looking for. When I came across it I hadn’t really been thinking about a different business but this just struck me as the one I had to follow through on.

This is the first business I have totally and completely committed myself to and I love it.

I originally joined the Empower Network a year ago and I went all in immediately.  To me this was just what I had been looking for.  When I came across it I hadn’t really been thinking about a different business but this just struck me as the one I had to follow through on.

This is the first business I have totally and completely committed myself to and I love it.

I found a wonderful sponsor who caught my attention very quickly and as I worked my way through the getting started in the format it was then, fell very quickly in love with the product range and the information they provide.  I started this business originally through the IPAS entry path and have loved every minute of my journey.

I saw the amazing potential of the products, especially as at the time, my husband was just starting a new business and for me it was an opportunity to build a second income while I still worked.

During the year, of course, you know what happened.  I also got made redundant so the training I had in this business set me up to cope.  I knew from the audios I had been listening to through the Inner Circle and the reading I was doing every day that we would get through the hard times and succeed.

The support I received from the people that are also doing this business has been incredible.  I have done three boot camps this last year and am now ready to really explode my business.  My confidence in Empower Network goes up every day.  The values of this company fit so much into my way of thinking.  We are going to empower the world to make changes every day.

bootcamp graduation


I am seeing more and more people living the life of Freedom that everyone deserves. People are having breakthroughs daily which are enabling them to succeed in this business. just recently I have seen a family move back to the South Island to go back to live the life they want.  I have seen a number of people retire their partners, or at least earn enough that when their partner wants to stop working they can, I have also seen people make the decision to sell up all their possessions so they can live the life of freedom in a mobile home that they have been dreaming of.

More and more people are looking for alternative ways to make an income which does not include the standard nine to five office job.  More people are realising they can make a living doing what they love, helping others to succeed and working on achieving their own dreams instead of someone else’s. More and more people are been laid off because of company restructures, and younger people have a totally different view of how their life is going to be, so lots of people are looking for ways to live the life they want to live. People are learning daily that they do not have to be in the office to work, there are alternatives like building a business on the internet.

One of my why’s for doing the Empower Network is to be able to help people.  Over the last year even though I have been struggling a little financially I have managed to help a family in Kenya.  I help Peter to be able to travel back and forwards from his workplace and his family am also assisting him to pay a medical bill which is hanging over his head. My goal this year is to be able to help Peter completely pay off the outstanding hospital bill, meet his family in Kenya, and retire my husband and myself from our day jobs.

The other big why is been able to help others, provide charity when I want to, and work on the projects I  want to.  One of our big projects is we want to be able to provide a fully equipped and crewed ambulance to our local ambulance service.

What do you want to do with your life?

Is there a particular charity you want to be able to spend your time helping?

Do you want to be able to spend your time doing what you want to, not doing what others expect of you?

Have you thought about sharing your knowledge with others?  If you have, this is the perfect platform.

If your answer to all these question is Yes then I would love to have you  join me in my journey with the Empower Network.

Come and join me on the path to self-development, time freedom and financial freedom and together we can change the world.

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My Story| Who is Leonie Henskie Part one

Today I talk about my childhood, the death of my mother, school and travel

I was the oldest child in a middle class New Zealand family in Christchurch.

We did all the normal things growing up however, it was only once I was an adult that I realised that we did a few more of them in luxury compared to other people.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer at an early age. So I lived with illness in the family from a young age.

My siblings were two and three years younger than me so they did not really know what was happening but in the last year Mum was in and out of hospital a lot.

The year before Mum died our dog was killed on the road.    The day that our dog was killed on the road the school was told and I cried a lot.  That was Standard 1 New Zealand schooling – equivalent to 2nd grade, or Year 3 in modern NZ schooling.  Not long after that the family got another dog which was still alive when I left home.  During this time we also had a cat which we had found as a stray when she had kittens. We had found her under an old house and I had the privilege of naming her and when her kittens were old enough we gave them away to friends.

I was leading a fairly normal childhood at this time, I was doing ballet and guitar, and as the oldest I was allowed to see my mother in hospital as well.  When I had to have my adenoids out in Standard 2, Mum came to hospital with me.  That year I also broke my arm and I had to make the decision to stop ballet or guitar.  I stopped ballet as I was never very good or light on my feet.  Then nearer the end of the year Mum died.  We were told in the morning before we went to school and then we went to school as normal.  We were considered too young to go to the funeral and I do not remember crying again for the rest of my childhood until I was 21 when I finally grieved for my mother.

I started at the school my mother had enrolled me in as an infant in Form 1 or middle school equivalent. I only recently acquired all my documents and in them was the fact that when I was only 1 year old Mum enrolled me in Rangi . I loved school and met some wonderful people who are still friends now. I had seven years at that school and it gave me a lot of privilege. I was able to excel in sciences and we only worked with the boys schools from time to time.

My first form year was also the year that my family decided to give us a taste of travel.  I was the only one over ten and treated as an adult so it was a good time to travel.  My extended family went to California for the August school holidays.  We hired a car and we drove from LA right down to Tijuana Mexico and all the way to San Francisco and everywhere in between.  Memories I have of that trip was my first introduction to hotcakes and maple syrup for breakfast.  Numerous TV Channels which we had never dreamed of, at that stage I believe we only had two TV channels in New Zealand. Going to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm, and Universal Studios.  Universal Studios was amazing seeing how props were used on films.  Disney we had a ball of a time going on the monorail each day and one of the rides I will always remember is Small World.  Another highlight for me was seeing squirrels at Carmel on the 90 mile Drive.  An eye opener for us all was when we did a day trip from San Diego to Tijuana Mexico.  We went through the border and drove through to Tijuana.  We had never seen anything like this in our lives.  It was the first time this middle class New Zealand family had ever seen squalid conditions.  We stayed in the car the whole time and couldn’t get back to the border fast enough.  To us this was not a good introduction to Mexico.  The other main highlight of this trip was going to the Yosemite National Park and staying for one night at Lake Tahoe.  One side of the hotel was in California and there were no slot machines or anything else.  The other side of the hotel was in Nevada and the adults were allowed to gamble.  Yosemite National Park was amazing and we went through just before the winter season so there was no one visiting and we had the park to ourselves.  We only drove so did not see much of the park but what we saw was stunning.

The next time we travelled was in my third form year and that was also a car trip from Brisbane to Sydney.  Highlights I remember from that trip were going to the Grundy’s amusement Parlour in Surfer’s Paradise and winning a number of ornaments which I still have to this day.  I remember we stopped in Coff’s Harbour and saw the Pelicans there and another place we went was the Pineapple Plantation on the Gold coast.

That was the last of my international travel until I turned 21 when my parents gave me an 18 day contiki bus tour with some extra days in Sydney for shopping purposes.

School went pretty smoothly I was a B student most of the time that hung out with a lot of the A students.  I was goalie for the school B Hockey team, got involved in Cricket when we started a girl’s cricket team and dabbled in soccer when we tried to convince the teachers it was a good idea.  In my sixth form my parents went away for six weeks and instead of getting someone to look after us at home we all went into the boarding facilities at our schools.  I loved boarding for the short time I was there.  The comradery from the girls was amazing compared to what I was used to.  I only really made one close friend at school and that was Jane whom I see occasionally now and she was my Matron of Honour. I was heavily involved in drama and I did Speech and Drama upto grade 5, I remember in, I think it was the fourth form, doing a recital of Pam Ayres “Oh I wish I had looked after my teeth” in front of the whole school assembly of about 600 girls and the teachers. I think I stopped Speech and Drama in the fifth form however my friend Jane went on to do Speech and drama up to teaching level, and became a speech therapist.  I continued to dabble in drama and was involved in school plays every year whether on the crew or actually on stage.  I even did it in the seventh form when my parents wanted me to stop that extra-curricular activity so I could concentrate on final exams.

I was involved in theatre a lot over the years and even spent time as a prompt and tea lady for the Canterbury Children’s theatre.

Camping was a big part of my childhood. My one set of grandparents were in the local caravan club and when I was young used to go camping often with them.  At Christmas every year the family would take us first to Woodend and then to Alexandra where we would meet up with other relatives.

Another big part of my early childhood was Hamner Springs. Part of my family had a business in  Hanmer Springs so from a very young age we were sent up there for weekends and most winter holidays.  I remember the fun we used to have playing around the grounds, visiting the hot pools  going walking up Conical Hill, doing forest walks and when it snowed using sacks on the hill round by the camping ground.  We spent so many happy times up there totally unaware of what was going on at home.  Hamner Springs was also where we went for our Standard 3 school camp. I loved it as I was able to show a lot of my classmates a lot of my favourite hangouts.

When I was at high school we started camping on the side of Lake Aviemore, one of the hydro lakes in the South island.  The parents had a fully self-contained caravan with shower, and 12 volt facilities so the fridge and all the power could run off the car battery.  My siblings and I had our own pup-tents so we got the idea of proper camping even though the caravan was just beside us. We had a canoe and would swim all day in the freezing lake. Starting in the morning with a wake-up wash and swim.  We had many good years at Lake Aviemore. We even started learning to drive there so we could assist with backing the boat trailer around.

One holiday I remember just before I started high school we did a tour of the North Island, we stopped in all kinds of places and we went all the way from Christchurch, up to Russell in the Bay of Islands where we saw the Treaty House and a few other memorials of New Zealand history, stopping wherever we felt like it in the caravan.  One place that stood out to me was Tolaga Bay just north of Gisborne.  The water was amazingly warm and I seem to remember picking up some very unique shells on the beach.

My parents made sure that we knew our country before we travelled.  I remember from a very young age travelling all over the South Island so later in life we knew what people were talking about when the said the had visited such and such a place.

We also used to go camping or picnicking at a number places within a couple of hours drive of Christchurch. For Easter we would often go to Coe’s Ford and in winter we would go with a group of people to Lake Linden and play on the ice and in the snow.

We were lucky when I was growing up that the indoor ice-skating rink was just around the corner from home, so, I think it was every Friday night or Saturday Afternoon during Winter I would go skating.  I was not any good but it was a fun activity.  We also went Roller-skating with our youth group and other friends once some roller rinks opened in Christchurch.

All of my school holidays were spent working in the family business.  I worked in the family business until my first University holiday when I went Cherry picking with the other students. As a result  I was taught a strong work ethic from a young age.  I did driver’s education through school and as soon as I was confident I was given a company branded Escort van and a weekend job to do.  I was allowed to take the van to school in the seventh form and another friend of mine who lived on a donkey farm and I used to take turns car-pooling. When I went to Otago University in Dunedin to study Pharmacy,  I took the van down with me so I could continue to work in Dunedin.  I was privileged because of this job and had a steady income so I was able to afford to do things all year. I was not the typical struggling student.

Because I had the van in Dunedin I was able to take a group of us swimming regularly up at the main indoor public pool and a few other activities that others might not have been able to do otherwise.  I was also involved in Hockey and Soccer socially in Dunedin so got to see quite a bit of the city by car.  One of the things I remember in Dunedin was the first time that a number of the students in the halls of residence saw snow. They were amazed at it.  Of course to me it was just another hazard I had to deal with when driving, and soon got used to it.

I had a lot of fun in the halls of residence in Dunedin.  The comradery  was great and I made some good friends some of which I still run into from time to time.  Sharing a dorm with another couple of people all year was good.

My second year of tertiary education was in Wellington.  I went to Heretuanga Central Institute of Technology because I was accepted into the Pharmacy school there.  One of my other students from my halls of residence in Dunedin also came up so I knew someone else when I got there.

See Part two for the continuing story


Millionaire Mind | Wealth Files part 8

Rich People believe “you can have your cake and eat it too.” Middle-class people believe “Cake is rich, so I’ll only have a little piece.” Poor people don’t believe they deserve cake, so they order a doughnut, focus on the hole, and why they have “nothing.”

Millionaire Mind | Wealth Files

In the last post I talked about Wealth Files 8,9, and 10.  Today I am going to discuss the next few.

If you enjoy reading this then please go back and read all the rest I have done.

Wealth Files #11
Rich People choose to get paid based on results.  Poor People choose to get paid on time.

The first wealth principle that comes from this is that there is nothing wrong with getting a steady paycheck, unless it interferes with your ability to earn what you are worth.  There’s the rub.  It usually does.

Poor people prefer the security of an hourly paid job or salary. However what they don’t realise is that this security comes with a price and that is wealth.

Rich people prefer to be paid on results  or at least partially.  That is why so many CEO’s have a share portion as part of their salary package.  Others get paid once the results have happened, e.g the task is to get so much percentage improvement so they get paid on the percentage increase achieved rather the amount of hours spent doing the work.

The big thing is never to have a ceiling on your income.  The only way you can never have a ceiling on your income is to own your own business and Harv says that Network Marketing can be a dynamite vehicle for wealth.

Other options are to exchange your job to a contract.  The only way to earn what you are really worth is to get paid based on your results.  Harv’s father said “you’ll never get rich working on straight salary for someone else.  If you’re going to get a job, make sure you get paid on percentage.  Otherwise, go work for yourself!”

Wealth File #12
Rich People think “both.” Poor People think “either/or”

Rich people live in a world of abundance.  Poor people live in a world of limitations. Of course, both live in the same physical world, but the difference is in their perspective.  Poor and middle class people come from scarcity.  They live by motto’s such as “there’s only so much to go around, there’s never enough, and you can’t have everything,”   And although you may not have “everything.” as in all the things in the world, I do not think you can certainly have “everything you really want.”

Here is what we mean by both
Do you really want a successful career or a close relationship with your family? Both!
Do you want to focus on business or have fun and play? Both!
Do you want money or meaning in your life? Both!
Do you want to earn a fortune or do the work you love? Both!
Poor people always choose one, rich people choose both.

The most important question to ask yourself is “How can I have both?”

This is an example from Harv what having both can mean.

He was preparing to deal with an unhappy supplier that believes that Harv’s company should pay for certain expenses that the supplier had that weren’t originally agreed to. Harv’s feeling was that estimating his costs was the suppliers business not Harv’s.  Harv was more than willing to negotiate a new agreement for next time but was big on keeping agreements that were already made.  Now in his “broke” days Harv would have gone into this conversation with the goal of making his point and making sure that he didn’t pay the guy one more cent than originally agreed.  And even though he would have liked to keep that supplier, this would probably have ended up as a huge argument.  He would have gone in thinking either he wins or I win.  Today however he is going into this discussion completely open to creating a situation where he is not going to pay the supplier any more money and the supplier is going to be extremely happy with the arrangements made.

Nowhere is “both” thinking more important than when it comes to money.  Poor and many middle-class people believe that they have to choose between money and the other aspects of life.  Hence they work on the assumption that money is not as important as other things.

People who are rich in every sense of the word understand that you have to have both.  just as you have to have both your arms and legs, you have to have money and happiness.

How many times were you told as a kid that you can not have your cake and eat it too? I know I was told it many a time.

This is the Wealth Principle that relates to this

Rich People believe “you can have your cake and eat it too.” Middle-class people believe “Cake is rich, so I’ll only have a little piece.” Poor people don’t believe they deserve cake, so they order a doughnut, focus on the hole, and why they have “nothing.”

Wealth File#13
Rich people focus on their net worth.  Poor people focus on their working income

How many times do your friends ask you “How much do you make?”  Most of our friends do not ask what is your net worth but that is the way rich people talk.  They concentrate on net-worth not income.

There are four factors that determine your net worth.  They are:

  • Income
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Simplification

Rich people understand that building a high net worth is an equation that contains all four elements.  Because all these factors are essential.

Lets go into detail about what each of these are.

Income – This comes in two forms – working income and passive income.  Working income is the type of income we earn from active work.  It is the pay-cheque from our job, or profits or income taken from a business.  Working income required time and labour be invested to create it.  It is important because without it none of the other parts of net worth can be achieved.  Working income is how we fill the financial funnel that enables us to create savings and investments.  Passive income is money earned without you actively working.  Think of royalties for work done in the past, or a residual income.

Savings – This is pretty explanatory.  Saving some of your income for a future time. It is an imperative part of Net Wealth.    This is where you learn money management by saving a portion of your income for future times.  It is only once you have learned to save a significant amount will you have the funds to do the next part of the Net Wealth equation of investing.

Investing – This is where you make your money grow.  You can invest in the the share-market, Property or businesses or anything else that will grow your money.  The better you are at investing the more your money will grow. If you are going to invest you need to learn all about it, choose something you want to learn about, and then study it.  My husband and I have done courses on options trading and one of our friends has had some good success with it.  My husband keeps a good eye on what the sharemarket is doing and generally aware of currency markets as well.

Simplification – this is creating a life where you need less and less money to live the life you want.  It goes hand in hand with saving money, whereby you consciously create a lifestyle in which you need less money to live on.  By decreasing your cost of living, you increase your savings and the amount of funds available for investing.

A great way to look at this is as if you are driving a bus with four wheels.  What would the ride be like if you were driving on one wheel only?  Probably slow, bumpy, full of struggle, sparks and going in circles.  Sound familiar?  Rich people play the money game on four wheels.  That is why their ride is fast, smooth, direct and relatively easy.  The bus is a great analogy because most likely you will want to bring other people along on the ride.   Do you want to join me on that bus ride?  As I sure would like you to join me.

Tracking your Net Worth means you will focus on it and where your attention goes, energy flows and results show.

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Millionaire mind | Wealth Files Part 6

If something bad happens to you e.g. a redundancy do you look at it as an obstacle or an opportunity?

Rich people see potential growth and they focus on rewards. Poor people see potential loss, and focus on the risks.

Millionaire Mind | Wealth Files


This is the sixth post on things I have learned from “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

Last post I talked about the first four Wealth Files.  Today I am going to talk about the next three.
These Wealth Files  are from ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker

Wealth File #5
Rich People Focus on Opportunities. Poor People focus on Obstacles

If something bad happens to you e.g. a redundancy do you look at it as an obstacle or an opportunity?

Rich people see potential growth and they focus on rewards.  Poor people see potential loss, and focus on the risks.

Poor people generally make choices based on fear, their minds are constantly scanning for what is wrong or could go wrong in any situation.  Their primary mind-set is what if it doesn’t work? Or more often, “It won’t work.” Middle class people are slightly more optimistic.  Their mind-set is “I sure hope this works.”

Rich people expect to succeed, they have confidence in their abilities, creativity and believe that if stuff goes wrong they will find another way to succeed.

Rich people focus on what they want, while poor people focus on what they do not.  Remember what you focus on expands.  Because rich people focus on the opportunities in everything, opportunities abound for them.

Your field of focus determines what you find in life.

For me when I was made redundant I focussed on it as an opportunity.  For me it was a chance to put some serious work into this business, doing blogging etc.  It was also an opportunity for me to experience to some degree the life I want to lead of freedom.  Now work opportunities are coming my way so I will not have the freedom again but will keep working on that in my own time.

Harv Eker says if you want to get rich focus on making, keeping and investing your money.  If you want to be poor, focus on spending your money.

Rich people do research quickly, and then take action.  Poor people are known to do the research and then keep doing the research without ever taking action.

Rich people trust that once they are in the game they can make intelligent decisions in the present moment, make corrections, and adjust their directions along the way.

Wealth File #6
Rich People admire other rich and successful people.  Poor people resent rich and successful people.

How do you look at rich people?  Do you look at them and want to associate with them and learn from them or do you think they are bad in some way?  If you think rich people are bad you will never be rich.  You need to change that mental programming.

Me, personally I am loving my association with rich people and am soaking up as much of their knowledge as I possibly can. When I look back at my history my husband and I have always been around rich and successful people.  Over the years we have met some very rich people, and our first real introduction was our first multi-level marketing company. We have always enjoyed spending time with the top earners and have made an effort to do so in every other business we have been associated with.  To me rich people are my mentors, they have done it, so I am going to follow in their footsteps as much as possible.

The truth is resenting the rich is one of the surest ways to stay broke.  Instead of resenting the rich we need to start admiring the rich blessing them and loving them.  That way when you become rich other people will admire you, bless you and love you instead of resent the heck out of you the way you might do them now.  One of the sayings in in Hawaii based on old Huna Wisdom is

“Bless that which you want.  If you see a person with a beautiful home, bless that person and that home.  If you see a person with a beautiful car, bless that person and bless that car. If you see a person with a loving family, bless that family and bless that person.  If you see a person with a beautiful body bless that person and bless their body.  In other words Bless that which you want”


Wealth File #7
Rich People Associate with positive, successful people.  Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people

Take a look at the people around you.  What sort of people are they? Do they celebrate the success of others or do they put down their success?

Harv Eker says the fastest and easiest way to create wealth is to learn exactly how rich people, who are masters of money, play the game.  The goal is simply model their inner and outer strategies.  If you take the exact same actions and have the exact same mind-set, chances are good you will get the exact same results.

Here is Harv’s answer if the loved ones you are closest too are negative

“First don’t bother trying to get negative people to change. That’s not your job.  Your job is to use what you have learned to better yourself and your life.  Be the model, be successful, be happy, then maybe – and I stress Maybe- they’ll see the light (in you) and want some of it.  Again, energy is contagious.  Darkness dissipates in light. People actually have to work hard to stay “dark” when light is all around them.  Your job is simply to be the best you can be.  If they choose to ask the secret, tell them.

Second keep in mind another principle that is taught in another of Harv’s courses “everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to assist me.” Yes it is difficult to be positive and conscious around people and circumstances that are negative, but that’s your test! Just as steel is hardened in the fire, if you can remain true to your values while others around you are full of doubt and even condemnation, you’ll grow faster and stronger”

Did you know that most people earn within 20% of the average income of their closest friends?  That’s why you’d better watch whom you associate with and choose whom you spend your time with carefully.

“If you want to fly with the eagles, don’t swim with the ducks”

Rich people hang around with winners.  Poor people hang around with losers.  Why? It’s a matter of comfort


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Millionaire Mind |Wealth Principles |Money Mastery part 3

Last post we talked about the way that programming and modelling have set our financial blueprints and shared an exercise in our to change this part of our blueprint.

Today we will talk about more gems I have got from the book ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker.

Another way that our thoughts about money can be influenced is from specific incidents.

Millionaire Mind |Wealth Principles |Money Mastery

Last post we talked about the way that programming and modelling have set our financial blueprints and shared an exercise in our to change this part of our blueprint.

Today we will talk about more gems I have got from the book ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker.

Another way that our thoughts about money can be influenced is from specific incidents.

Harv gives the example of Josey.  When she was eleven years old her parents were having yet another argument about money at a restaurant.  Her Dad was standing up thumping the table.  Next thing she knew he was tuning red then blue then falling to the floor.  Because Josey had learned CPR in swim team she administered CPR to him but he died in her arms.  So from that day forth Josey’s mind linked money to pain.  As an adult she got rid of all her money as soon as she earned it because she associated it with pain.  It was also interesting to note that she became a nurse.  After doing the course with Harv she has now given up nursing, she felt she was in the job for the wrong reason and is now doing financial planning one on one with people helping them to understand how their past programming runs every aspect of their life.

Another example he gives is his own wife was brought up with the belief that women did not have money because everytime she wanted something her mother would say “go and ask your father, he has all the money”  As a result as an adult anytime she was given money she would spend it all as she was programmed that women only had money for a specific purpose and that was to spend it.

The steps to change your financial blueprint as a result of specific incidents is:

  1. Awareness – Consider a specific emotional incident you experienced around money when you were young.
  2. Understanding – Write down how this incident may have affected your current financial life.
  3. Disassociation – Can you see why this way of being is only what you learned and isn’t you? Can you see you have a choice in the present moment to be different?
  4. Declaration – Put your hand on your heart and say ” I release my nonsupportive money experiences from the past and create a new and rich future” Touch your head and say “I have a millionaire mind

So from doing these exercises have you worked out what your financial blueprint is set for?  Are you conditioned to have a consistent income or a fluctuating income? Are you set to earn only a maximum amount e.g 75-100,000 a year or $250,000 + a year?

More importantly are you set to reach your full financial potential.  Some of you might be asking ‘why on earth would anyone need the millions a year?’ Firstly that question is not very supportive to your wealth and is a sure sign you’ll want to revise your money blueprint.  Secondly some people want to earn lots of money so they can help other people.  Be a huge donor to charities that matter to them.  For me that is the Wellington Free Ambulance and now my family in Kenya.  For my own father it was the Marrow transplant Unit in Christchurch and Diabetes research.

For the founder of my company it is helping to feed 100,000 children a day.

Another question is are you good at investing or saving? Some people can be an absolute Midas when it comes to attracting money however fail abysmally at successful investing.  Check your blueprint to see if it is a result of modelling or influence.

The best way to discover your blueprint is to look at your results.  Is money a struggle or does it come easily? Your blueprint is like a thermostat.  If the temperature in the room is 20 degrees, chances are good that the thermostat is set for 20 degrees.  If a window is opened or a door is opened the thermostat will always do its best to return the room to the 20 degrees.  The only way to permanently change the temperature in the room is to adjust the thermostat.  In the same way, the only way to change your level of financial success “permanently” is to reset your financial thermostat.

Here is the wealth principle from this discussion:

  • The only way to permanently change the temperature in the room is to reset the thermostat.  In the same way, the only way to change your level of financial success “permanently” is to reset your financial thermostat.

You can try anything and everything you want to.  Study, develop your knowledge in marketing, sales and negotiation but unless you have the inner toolbox big enough to create and accept large amounts of money all the study in the world will be useless.

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Attitudes and how they can affect you

I have the opposite attitude, I am saying life is an opportunity, I am working on my internet marketing business, I am reading powerful books, I am working with a really empowering group of people, for now I will just go out into the contracting world until this business kicks in and I get my freedom. I am happy and content and know that I will succeed. I know that we have reached the bottom of our trough and the only way to go is up now.

Attitudes and how they can affect you


Hi everyone

Well it has been a little while since I wrote but I have been going through interesting times.

I found out last week that my job has been disestablished. This is the second redundancy I have been through so I know how it goes and this time I am able to cope.

At the same time my husband has been going through a hard time. He didn’t realise quite how hard it was going to be starting his own business coaching business. At the start of the week he was telling me life sucks. I told him he needs to get rid of that attitude and instead say that we are the lowest we are going to go and now we can only go up. Midway through the week his attitude has improved again.

The reason why he was saying life sucks was that, he was made redundant December last year, his Grandmother died this year in February, he has not had any solid paying work for six months, one of our pet mice died over the weekend, we have had no car so weekend activities have been curtailed for the last few months and to top it off I have been made redundant now.

I have the opposite attitude, I am saying life is an opportunity, I am working on my internet marketing business, I am reading powerful books, I am working with a really empowering group of people, for now I will just go out into the contracting world until this business kicks in and I get my freedom.  I am happy and content and know that I will succeed. I know that we have reached the bottom of our trough and the only way to go is up now.

Already things are changing,  I will be helping my husband prepare his CV, he has so many skills, but hasn’t really thought about them. He just does not like sitting down and doing the administration. We will get another couple of female mice to keep Smoke, the surviving mouse, company this week so we will have a happy mice collection again. When we are both contracting we will be able to pick up a car so we are able to travel in the weekends again and do swimming and stuff like that, because public transport is all very well but it does not go where we want to go at the kind of times we want to go. Everything is looking up.

As my calendar says this month

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”

I am learning through my own reading and experience and reading other people’s blogs and seeing their experiences that attitude is just so important. I know I will get a good paying contract role, which will set me up until my digital products business takes over. I also know that as soon as my husband’s skills are with the agencies he will be picking up work without an issue. He will love contracting and I know he has desired skills. I also know that he will be able to continue his business coaching work in the evenings and build up a great reputation that way.

Opportunity is coming our way every way we look. Our local Neighbourhood social platform has just opened up a business arm so we will be able to advertise his business coaching there, I have been looking on our local Job search websites and there are heaps of jobs that match my skills and I know that soon we will be earning more money than we ever have before, which will give us the opportunity to invest in our businesses as well.

Life is looking good.

That is the only attitude I can have.

I am setting my goals, starting to visualise my future and I know I will succeed and the down patch we are going through is only a learning opportunity.

One of my aspirations is to be able to donate a good regular sum of money to a family I am helping in Kenya so they can be lifted from a minimum income job into a well-paying position. So they can afford to get a good quality house and not be scared every time that it rains in the rainy season that their mudhouse will fall down. I would like to see Peter able to get work closer to home or be able to move his family closer to his workplace,  as he currently works 575km away from his home,  so getting home is very difficult for him.

To start this process off I am starting a “givealittle” page which is a free fundraising site in New Zealand, to help with the Sifuna Family’s immediate needs of getting their daughter home from the hospital. Norlan is 10 years old and was admitted to hospital last month. Unfortunately because they have not been able to pay the bill, Norlan remains confined to the hospital when she would rather be at home and going to school. She will remain there until the bill is paid and the bill keeps going up every day with food and accommodation costs. Peter gives me updates every day on Norlan, and this week Norlan’s teacher was able to bring a few of her schoolmates into the hospital to play with her for about 20 minutes which was good for her.

The other attitude I am pushing is do not quit.

I am working on a 90 day boot camp and unfortunately I have got behind on a number of the assignments because of what has been happening, however I will not quit. I will be working hard to get myself caught up again, because the momentum is so great. I have just been listening to a webcast about changes that are happening to our business and I and my collegues are so excited about what is happening in the industry. This is a really exciting time for our industry and I would love for you to join me on the roller coaster that is going to lead to more success for more people.

Attitudes and how they affect you

I started off by calling this blog attitudes and how they affect you. I believe that an attitude like my husband’s was at the beginning of the week is not good so we are working together to change that attitude.  He is usually pretty good but has down times, whereas me, I am forever chirpy, positive and know that success will come our way. I am affecting him daily as his attitude is uplifting more and more daily. I love seeing him succeed and be happy. The change in attitude is immediately uplifting.

If you have an attitude where you feel that everything is wrong and life sucks then life will suck. You need to change it so that you attract good things to you. You need to be grateful for everything you have and more of the good stuff you want will come to you. Remember wherever you are, whatever the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

I look at the the Sifuna Family I am trying to help in Kenya and are forever grateful for what I have access to in our first world country and I just want to share so much of it.  Please help me help the Sifuna Family.

Contact me for details of how you can help to get Norlan home from hospital.

Be grateful every day for what you have and what you have achieved and your attitude will be forever positive.

Click any of the banners on this page to find out more about the extremely powerful business I am involved with.

Have a great day and remember Where ever you are always bring your own Sunshine.

Giving | The power of giving

This blog is about the Power of Giving and a Kenyan Family that needs your help now.

The power of giving

This week has been hard for me but also very powerful.  As I mentioned in my posts the other day one of my friends in Africa is struggling. I feel helpless been on the other side of the world and not been able to give him and his family a hug, however I have done what I can this week and given something to them and also promoted their plight.

This week I gave some money to help him out.  The money I gave him will help him with transport for getting back to his workplace but it will do nothing to help pay the hospital bill.  The hospital has officially discharged his daughter but is now keeping her at the hospital until the hospital bill is paid.

This is something I can not understand as in our country we have public hospitals and health service.

I love the power of giving and would give more if I was in the financial position to, however the feeling of being able to gift something, no matter how small,  to a friend was amazing, and I would love to be able to give more and will over time. However I am now putting my energy into putting out the request now for others to assist Peter and his family as well.

I am listening to an audio right now by a minister called Joel Osteen about asking for plenty, and God will provide. He talks about an old lady who Elijah went to see who only had one jar of oil that was of any value left to pay a bill.  Elijah tells her to go to her neighbours and borrow many containers.  When she returns with these many empty containers she is told to start pouring the oil and no matter how many containers she fills the oil never runs out.  The more empty containers you provide the more God will fill them.

God takes pleasure in providing for me and those I love and care for.

This week I found out that my workplace has provided an ambulance for the Wellington Free Ambulance and is looking at ways to make sure that communication in the service is the best that can be.  As this is one of my Whys then this makes me very proud and I look forward to when My husband and I can do this as well.

I am running this business so I have freedom to be able to give to people and charities as I want to and not worry about how I am going to pay my own bills.  I am starting to give so I know the feeling of it more and more even if we are feeling the pinch a bit ourselves because God will provide.

The power of giving

My gift in life is to be able to give to others. We need to believe that we live in plenty and can provide for others as well as ourselves.

Here is bit about Peter and Janet Sifuna and their four daughters

Peter is a Security Guard Manager at a resort 575kms away from the home where Janet and their four daughters live in a mud house.

When something happens as had happen twice this month Peter has to catch the bus home to see his family and each bus journey costs about 2000 Kenya Shillings.

At the beginning of last month Peter had to go home because his mother had cancer and had to have an operation and Peter had to lease the only piece of land he had to rent. So all his reserves were taken up looking after his Mother and Father.  Now a few weeks later his oldest daughter who is only 10 is admitted to hospital with Malaria and he is told the bill for the hospital is 31000 Kenya Shillings.  For those of us in New Zealand that is about 475.00 or in USD about 375.00.

It does not sound much to us but for Peter this is a large amount of money and make matters worse Norlan is basically held to ransom with food and linen costs been added everyday until the hospital bill is paid.

Please talk to me if you think you can help out this family.  I do not want to see them lose their home and for the hospital bill to keep increasing.

This photo shows the four girls and Peter and Janet.

The older girls in school uniform are Norlan and Olivia, The little girl in the pink floral top is Sherea and the little girl with the pink topknots that were Janet’s handiwork is Kim Junior.

The Sifuna Family

Peter has told me that when it rains, and does a lot over the rainy season, that he worries that the mud house house will fall down around the girls.  He has also told me the family struggles to pay the school fees.  So I am going to contribute small amounts to help the family out in the future.

Peter is teaching me Kiswahili the native language and has also just about completely arranged a trip for when we do visit them eventually.  We have built up quite a close online relationship over the last few months and it is painful to see them struggling like this.

If you want to experience the power of giving  please help out this family in their time of need and also help yourself so you do not need to go through this kind of hardship by joining me in this wonderful business which is helping me to grow and be such a powerful person.

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Preparation | Are you prepared?

Are you Prepared?

I was trying to think about what to write in a blog today and I thought what am I doing right now?

I am waiting in anticipation/trepidation or whatever you want to call it for a restructure pack to come out. We have been prepared by our manager to expect major change in the organisation. That we will see major changes to the way we work and are aligned and also that there will be numbers which are a lot lower than we currently have in workforce.

We were told it would be out about 4:00 o’clock however it is now 5:21pm. This is a common trait of this particular manager, I know because my husband went through it several times before me.

This is the same sort of thing that happens when the media has built up a big storm and everyone is prepared and waiting to see what happens. You sit there anticipating a great big damaging storm.

You have been prepared to face damage and so when the storm passes with minor damage then it is just a relief.

Are you prepared if something happens to your family? Could you cope if a loved one was admitted to hospital suddenly? Or if you lost your job in yet another re-structure? Change is just a part of life these days and we have to be prepared to face anything.

One of the ways I am preparing myself mentally to cope with whatever is thrown my way is by listening to audios, associating with really positive people, diversifying our family income sources and knowing within myself that I can if need be get a job anywhere.

What are you doing to prepare yourself for change?

Do you remember being in scouts or guides by any chance and the scout motto of be prepared?

We were taught from a young age to prepare ourselves physically and mostly mentally for any situation but how many of us have carried it through to adult life?

Are you in a financial situation where if something unexpected comes up you can cope until you get back on your feet again?

Are you diversifying your income by building up a business of your own that you can do anywhere so long as you have an internet connection?

If disaster strikes you and your loved ones could you create another income, or spend time with a loved one without thinking about it?

I can’t yet but I am working on it. Over the last few blogs I have been talking about the tee-shirt company my husband has started and his other income stream of business coaching.

I am doing blogging and internet marketing to diversify my income so that I have a plan B which can become my plan A if and when needed. My goal is to build my Plan B up so it can replace my Plan A and give me time freedom and financial freedom.

If you would like to work on ways to diversify your income, write about your passion, or just love learning then check out the banners on this page and join me in this quest to make the world a better place by sharing our love and advice and helping others to succeed.

Are you prepared?

One of my international friends is going through a really hard time at the moment.  In the last few weeks his mother has had to go into hospital to get a cancer operation and this morning he told me that his oldest daughter is in hospital with Malaria.  He has told me she needs blood, the same type as his and the hospital has some if he pays for it however right now he is struggling to pay his bus fare to get home to see his daughter. Are you prepared if anything like this happened to you? Take the step now and start creating your new life by making sure you are prepared.

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Image courtesy of Scoutlander.com

Attitude | Is your Attitude worth catching?

Is your attitude worth catching? Do you go around in a funk of negativity believing everything is a poo sandwich or do you get up with a smile and face the world with a positive attitude to the world?

Is your attitude worth catching?

Do you believe that you can be successful it just takes some work? Or do you believe that life is poo sandwich and everything is against you?

Your attitude affects your life in so may ways, so take a close look at your attitude.  Is there something that needs to change?

I have a close friend that was bought up to believe it was wrong to be given anything it was taking, that she was worthless at practical things and wasn’t allowed to help in the kitchen or taught anything practical as a child.  She was encouraged in her school work but not allowed to learn to cook, clean or do any of the things our parents normally teach us.  She was also taught that money was wrong, that people that had money were mean.

In the last few years I have seen a major attitude change in this friend as she has realised she is totally capable and it is not bad to accept gifts.  This friend now is an amazing cook experimenting in the kitchen all the time and is a great little housecleaner. And now can accept gifts without feeling bad.  That is a major turn around in attitude.  She is now even running her own business and understands that successful people actually give more by been successful.

I have another friend that has been through illness and hardship all her life but she always has a wonderful smile and believes that life is great.  This lady has had a positive attitude no matter what has happened to her in life and as a result she has outlived so many people that did not have her positive attitude when many times she has been told she has multiple illnesses.

So is your attitude worth catching?

Do you run around thinking the the sky is falling, nothing ever goes your way? or do you look forward to every day? Start the morning with a smile and keep smiling no matter what life throws at you?

Do you think your attitude needs some adjusting?

There are so many wonderful books out there, audios you can listen to and people that can help you with changing your attitude.

I am part of a wonderful team online called the totally inspired living tribe and I have never met such a wonderfully supportive team of people before in my life.  We are all there to support each other not hype, and we read each other’s blogs and videos and help syndicate and teach each other. And it is all because I joined this wonderful business at the beginning of the year.

Through this business I am getting daily inspiration to help adjust my attitude by reading, listening to audios and associating with some of the most amazing people in the world.

If you want to join this wonderful group of people then click any of the banners on this page and together we can work on changing our attitudes.

If you want to know more about changing your attitude and having an attitude which is worth catching then leave your email address below and we can catch up.

So is your attitude worth catching?

If you think your attitude needs adjusting then lets do this together.  Catch up with me on Facebook or leave a comment below.  I would love to meet you.

As an aside, check out this range of tee-shirts.  My husband calls it bad attitude clothing, so it fits in with this idea of what is your attitude and is it worth catching.

Have a great day.


Procrastination | How do you overcome Procrastination?

Firstly you work out your Why. (Your Definiteness of Purpose) and get it burned into your mind. The more you burn it into your mind the less likely you will be to procrastinate. You will prioritise the tasks that will lead to you succeeding in your definiteness of purpose. Always at the top of mind you will be thinking about your definiteness of purpose, your why. Because your definiteness of purpose is always at the top of your mind you will do everything you can do achieve your definite of purpose.

Procrastination, how do you overcome it?


I have been thinking about procrastination a lot this week.  I have been suffering from it a bit.

I have been showing up in my business everyday, a little bit each day but not putting in the full time I should have been devoting.

I have been making excuses that life has taken over again , but the real excuse is I have not had my definite major purpose at front of mind.  I have been trying to get my head in the right place by using subliminal tools and of course reading and listening to audios, which has helped me deal with some of the depression and negativity my husband has been going through as well.


The dictionary definition of Procrastination is:


the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especiallysomething requiring immediate attention:

She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late with almost every assignment.

So how do you overcome procrastination?


Firstly you work out your Why. (Your Definiteness of Purpose) and get it burned into your mind.  The more you burn it into your mind the less likely you will be to procrastinate. You will prioritise the tasks that will lead to you succeeding in your definiteness of purpose.  Always at the top of mind you will be thinking about your definiteness of purpose, your why.  Because your definiteness of purpose is always at the top of your mind you will do everything you can do achieve your definite of purpose.
There are some situations where procrastination is good.  This is putting off minor and unimportant tasks so you can concentrate on the major tasks that lead to achievement of your definiteness of purpose.  Sometimes this procrastination can save you from putting effort in where you shouldn’t exert it.
There are several reasons for Procrastination and all can be overcome.  The list of reasons I have found is Stress, Overwhelm , Laziness, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Discipline, Poor time Management. Lack of Skills, and perfectionism.
I have just read a blog from Steve Palina.com which has a really good explanation of what to do to overcome these reasons for the procrastination but the one that I like the most is make time to play as well then make time to work.

So what ways do you overcome procrastination?

What methods do you use in your daily life to overcome habits of procrastination?
I would love to hear what you do.  Leave a comment below and help others with your ways of overcoming procrastination.
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