Empower Network | Why I joined the Empower Network

I originally joined the Empower Network a year ago and I went all in immediately. To me this was just what I had been looking for. When I came across it I hadn’t really been thinking about a different business but this just struck me as the one I had to follow through on.

This is the first business I have totally and completely committed myself to and I love it.

I originally joined the Empower Network a year ago and I went all in immediately.  To me this was just what I had been looking for.  When I came across it I hadn’t really been thinking about a different business but this just struck me as the one I had to follow through on.

This is the first business I have totally and completely committed myself to and I love it.

I found a wonderful sponsor who caught my attention very quickly and as I worked my way through the getting started in the format it was then, fell very quickly in love with the product range and the information they provide.  I started this business originally through the IPAS entry path and have loved every minute of my journey.

I saw the amazing potential of the products, especially as at the time, my husband was just starting a new business and for me it was an opportunity to build a second income while I still worked.

During the year, of course, you know what happened.  I also got made redundant so the training I had in this business set me up to cope.  I knew from the audios I had been listening to through the Inner Circle and the reading I was doing every day that we would get through the hard times and succeed.

The support I received from the people that are also doing this business has been incredible.  I have done three boot camps this last year and am now ready to really explode my business.  My confidence in Empower Network goes up every day.  The values of this company fit so much into my way of thinking.  We are going to empower the world to make changes every day.

bootcamp graduation


I am seeing more and more people living the life of Freedom that everyone deserves. People are having breakthroughs daily which are enabling them to succeed in this business. just recently I have seen a family move back to the South Island to go back to live the life they want.  I have seen a number of people retire their partners, or at least earn enough that when their partner wants to stop working they can, I have also seen people make the decision to sell up all their possessions so they can live the life of freedom in a mobile home that they have been dreaming of.

More and more people are looking for alternative ways to make an income which does not include the standard nine to five office job.  More people are realising they can make a living doing what they love, helping others to succeed and working on achieving their own dreams instead of someone else’s. More and more people are been laid off because of company restructures, and younger people have a totally different view of how their life is going to be, so lots of people are looking for ways to live the life they want to live. People are learning daily that they do not have to be in the office to work, there are alternatives like building a business on the internet.

One of my why’s for doing the Empower Network is to be able to help people.  Over the last year even though I have been struggling a little financially I have managed to help a family in Kenya.  I help Peter to be able to travel back and forwards from his workplace and his family am also assisting him to pay a medical bill which is hanging over his head. My goal this year is to be able to help Peter completely pay off the outstanding hospital bill, meet his family in Kenya, and retire my husband and myself from our day jobs.

The other big why is been able to help others, provide charity when I want to, and work on the projects I  want to.  One of our big projects is we want to be able to provide a fully equipped and crewed ambulance to our local ambulance service.

What do you want to do with your life?

Is there a particular charity you want to be able to spend your time helping?

Do you want to be able to spend your time doing what you want to, not doing what others expect of you?

Have you thought about sharing your knowledge with others?  If you have, this is the perfect platform.

If your answer to all these question is Yes then I would love to have you  join me in my journey with the Empower Network.

Come and join me on the path to self-development, time freedom and financial freedom and together we can change the world.

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Preparation | Are you prepared?

Are you Prepared?

I was trying to think about what to write in a blog today and I thought what am I doing right now?

I am waiting in anticipation/trepidation or whatever you want to call it for a restructure pack to come out. We have been prepared by our manager to expect major change in the organisation. That we will see major changes to the way we work and are aligned and also that there will be numbers which are a lot lower than we currently have in workforce.

We were told it would be out about 4:00 o’clock however it is now 5:21pm. This is a common trait of this particular manager, I know because my husband went through it several times before me.

This is the same sort of thing that happens when the media has built up a big storm and everyone is prepared and waiting to see what happens. You sit there anticipating a great big damaging storm.

You have been prepared to face damage and so when the storm passes with minor damage then it is just a relief.

Are you prepared if something happens to your family? Could you cope if a loved one was admitted to hospital suddenly? Or if you lost your job in yet another re-structure? Change is just a part of life these days and we have to be prepared to face anything.

One of the ways I am preparing myself mentally to cope with whatever is thrown my way is by listening to audios, associating with really positive people, diversifying our family income sources and knowing within myself that I can if need be get a job anywhere.

What are you doing to prepare yourself for change?

Do you remember being in scouts or guides by any chance and the scout motto of be prepared?

We were taught from a young age to prepare ourselves physically and mostly mentally for any situation but how many of us have carried it through to adult life?

Are you in a financial situation where if something unexpected comes up you can cope until you get back on your feet again?

Are you diversifying your income by building up a business of your own that you can do anywhere so long as you have an internet connection?

If disaster strikes you and your loved ones could you create another income, or spend time with a loved one without thinking about it?

I can’t yet but I am working on it. Over the last few blogs I have been talking about the tee-shirt company my husband has started and his other income stream of business coaching.

I am doing blogging and internet marketing to diversify my income so that I have a plan B which can become my plan A if and when needed. My goal is to build my Plan B up so it can replace my Plan A and give me time freedom and financial freedom.

If you would like to work on ways to diversify your income, write about your passion, or just love learning then check out the banners on this page and join me in this quest to make the world a better place by sharing our love and advice and helping others to succeed.

Are you prepared?

One of my international friends is going through a really hard time at the moment.  In the last few weeks his mother has had to go into hospital to get a cancer operation and this morning he told me that his oldest daughter is in hospital with Malaria.  He has told me she needs blood, the same type as his and the hospital has some if he pays for it however right now he is struggling to pay his bus fare to get home to see his daughter. Are you prepared if anything like this happened to you? Take the step now and start creating your new life by making sure you are prepared.

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Image courtesy of Scoutlander.com