Empower Network | Why I joined the Empower Network

I originally joined the Empower Network a year ago and I went all in immediately. To me this was just what I had been looking for. When I came across it I hadn’t really been thinking about a different business but this just struck me as the one I had to follow through on.

This is the first business I have totally and completely committed myself to and I love it.

I originally joined the Empower Network a year ago and I went all in immediately.  To me this was just what I had been looking for.  When I came across it I hadn’t really been thinking about a different business but this just struck me as the one I had to follow through on.

This is the first business I have totally and completely committed myself to and I love it.

I found a wonderful sponsor who caught my attention very quickly and as I worked my way through the getting started in the format it was then, fell very quickly in love with the product range and the information they provide.  I started this business originally through the IPAS entry path and have loved every minute of my journey.

I saw the amazing potential of the products, especially as at the time, my husband was just starting a new business and for me it was an opportunity to build a second income while I still worked.

During the year, of course, you know what happened.  I also got made redundant so the training I had in this business set me up to cope.  I knew from the audios I had been listening to through the Inner Circle and the reading I was doing every day that we would get through the hard times and succeed.

The support I received from the people that are also doing this business has been incredible.  I have done three boot camps this last year and am now ready to really explode my business.  My confidence in Empower Network goes up every day.  The values of this company fit so much into my way of thinking.  We are going to empower the world to make changes every day.

bootcamp graduation


I am seeing more and more people living the life of Freedom that everyone deserves. People are having breakthroughs daily which are enabling them to succeed in this business. just recently I have seen a family move back to the South Island to go back to live the life they want.  I have seen a number of people retire their partners, or at least earn enough that when their partner wants to stop working they can, I have also seen people make the decision to sell up all their possessions so they can live the life of freedom in a mobile home that they have been dreaming of.

More and more people are looking for alternative ways to make an income which does not include the standard nine to five office job.  More people are realising they can make a living doing what they love, helping others to succeed and working on achieving their own dreams instead of someone else’s. More and more people are been laid off because of company restructures, and younger people have a totally different view of how their life is going to be, so lots of people are looking for ways to live the life they want to live. People are learning daily that they do not have to be in the office to work, there are alternatives like building a business on the internet.

One of my why’s for doing the Empower Network is to be able to help people.  Over the last year even though I have been struggling a little financially I have managed to help a family in Kenya.  I help Peter to be able to travel back and forwards from his workplace and his family am also assisting him to pay a medical bill which is hanging over his head. My goal this year is to be able to help Peter completely pay off the outstanding hospital bill, meet his family in Kenya, and retire my husband and myself from our day jobs.

The other big why is been able to help others, provide charity when I want to, and work on the projects I  want to.  One of our big projects is we want to be able to provide a fully equipped and crewed ambulance to our local ambulance service.

What do you want to do with your life?

Is there a particular charity you want to be able to spend your time helping?

Do you want to be able to spend your time doing what you want to, not doing what others expect of you?

Have you thought about sharing your knowledge with others?  If you have, this is the perfect platform.

If your answer to all these question is Yes then I would love to have you  join me in my journey with the Empower Network.

Come and join me on the path to self-development, time freedom and financial freedom and together we can change the world.

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Giving | The power of giving

This blog is about the Power of Giving and a Kenyan Family that needs your help now.

The power of giving

This week has been hard for me but also very powerful.  As I mentioned in my posts the other day one of my friends in Africa is struggling. I feel helpless been on the other side of the world and not been able to give him and his family a hug, however I have done what I can this week and given something to them and also promoted their plight.

This week I gave some money to help him out.  The money I gave him will help him with transport for getting back to his workplace but it will do nothing to help pay the hospital bill.  The hospital has officially discharged his daughter but is now keeping her at the hospital until the hospital bill is paid.

This is something I can not understand as in our country we have public hospitals and health service.

I love the power of giving and would give more if I was in the financial position to, however the feeling of being able to gift something, no matter how small,  to a friend was amazing, and I would love to be able to give more and will over time. However I am now putting my energy into putting out the request now for others to assist Peter and his family as well.

I am listening to an audio right now by a minister called Joel Osteen about asking for plenty, and God will provide. He talks about an old lady who Elijah went to see who only had one jar of oil that was of any value left to pay a bill.  Elijah tells her to go to her neighbours and borrow many containers.  When she returns with these many empty containers she is told to start pouring the oil and no matter how many containers she fills the oil never runs out.  The more empty containers you provide the more God will fill them.

God takes pleasure in providing for me and those I love and care for.

This week I found out that my workplace has provided an ambulance for the Wellington Free Ambulance and is looking at ways to make sure that communication in the service is the best that can be.  As this is one of my Whys then this makes me very proud and I look forward to when My husband and I can do this as well.

I am running this business so I have freedom to be able to give to people and charities as I want to and not worry about how I am going to pay my own bills.  I am starting to give so I know the feeling of it more and more even if we are feeling the pinch a bit ourselves because God will provide.

The power of giving

My gift in life is to be able to give to others. We need to believe that we live in plenty and can provide for others as well as ourselves.

Here is bit about Peter and Janet Sifuna and their four daughters

Peter is a Security Guard Manager at a resort 575kms away from the home where Janet and their four daughters live in a mud house.

When something happens as had happen twice this month Peter has to catch the bus home to see his family and each bus journey costs about 2000 Kenya Shillings.

At the beginning of last month Peter had to go home because his mother had cancer and had to have an operation and Peter had to lease the only piece of land he had to rent. So all his reserves were taken up looking after his Mother and Father.  Now a few weeks later his oldest daughter who is only 10 is admitted to hospital with Malaria and he is told the bill for the hospital is 31000 Kenya Shillings.  For those of us in New Zealand that is about 475.00 or in USD about 375.00.

It does not sound much to us but for Peter this is a large amount of money and make matters worse Norlan is basically held to ransom with food and linen costs been added everyday until the hospital bill is paid.

Please talk to me if you think you can help out this family.  I do not want to see them lose their home and for the hospital bill to keep increasing.

This photo shows the four girls and Peter and Janet.

The older girls in school uniform are Norlan and Olivia, The little girl in the pink floral top is Sherea and the little girl with the pink topknots that were Janet’s handiwork is Kim Junior.

The Sifuna Family

Peter has told me that when it rains, and does a lot over the rainy season, that he worries that the mud house house will fall down around the girls.  He has also told me the family struggles to pay the school fees.  So I am going to contribute small amounts to help the family out in the future.

Peter is teaching me Kiswahili the native language and has also just about completely arranged a trip for when we do visit them eventually.  We have built up quite a close online relationship over the last few months and it is painful to see them struggling like this.

If you want to experience the power of giving  please help out this family in their time of need and also help yourself so you do not need to go through this kind of hardship by joining me in this wonderful business which is helping me to grow and be such a powerful person.

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Have a great day.


Reasons to do an Online Business

It is called The Young New Zealanders Foundation and is responsible for arranging programmes in schools to help children with self-Esteem.

Hi all

Well continuing with the theme I have been using for the last few days, I am going to introduce another of the New Zealand charitable organisations that I support and with this business intend to support even more.

At this stage because I am time constrained with a JOB I can not spend my time actually volunteering so I assist financially.  In future I would love to be able to get my hands dirty with the charitable organisation I am supporting.  This is one where I could really help out.  It is called The Young New Zealanders Foundation and is responsible for arranging programmes in schools to help children with self-Esteem.

On the resources page of the website this is what it explains thy do.

Under the umbrella of the Valuing Life vision, the Young New Zealanders Foundation has a range of resources and strategies for enhancing individual resilience in young people. Some of the questions central to our thinking are: What contributes to a healthy, successful life in contemporary society?

  • How can we build resiliency in young people?
  • What protective features make it less likely a young person will stray off the path, self-harm, or commit suicide?
  • How can we foster a sense of purpose, direction, and vision?
  • What “developmental assets” or “building blocks of healthy development” can incorporated into our resources?

The Young New Zealanders Foundation believes that all of the resources described below engage young people in all five sections of the Valuing Life model.

This foundation has put together resources for parents and schools ranging from pre-school programme called Amazing Me, through to youth getting ready for employment called Career Passport to success.  The programme that got me involved originally was the Gemstone Programme which is aimed at the 11-14 age-group and is worked around the Values Curriculum part of New Zealand Curriculum.  The description of this programme is A resource for schools, aimed at young people from ages 11 to 14 years old. Gemstones offers students the opportunity to explore and reflect on family relationships, choices, self-management, bullying, resisting drugs and alcohol, and appreciating and valuing life. It gives students the opportunity to set personal goals and change their attitudes to life. Gemstones aligns with the schools’ Values Curriculum.


This really got my interest up so I have been supporting them for a few years now.

I support anything which teaches people to be positive and that there is something out there for everyone.  That is why I love the IPAS2 System and the Empower Network.

The learnings available through both these programmes are amazing and they will help anyone already in marketing with skills and techniques to help their whole team.

Come and join me and check this wonderful programme.