Unexpected Changes- preparing for a funeral

As a result the last couple of days have been busy doing funeral preparation. It is amazing the information that is needed on the Death Certificate.

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Thank you for reading my blogs.  You have may have noticed I haven’t been here for a couple of days.  The reason why is that I have had a death in the family.

Last Thursday night my husband’s Grandmother passed away in her 101st year.  This was not unexpected as she had moved to aged care home 3 weeks ago and as she had told us for as long as I remember the only way she was going out of her house was in a pine box. We guessed that she had decided that she could not cope any more and she knew she would be going soon.  The really good thing about it was that it as so quick.  We got the call that we needed to get to the home now, so we threw on our shoes and got in the car and called my mother-in law to say we were leaving now and to be at the gate.  In that time there had been another phone call to say Gran had passed so it was literally about five minutes so she did not linger.  That is one of the things she always said she did not want to happen to her.  She did not want to linger.

As a result the last couple of days have been busy doing funeral preparation.  It is amazing the information that is needed on the Death Certificate.  To find the information I had to go and do one of my other hobbies of Genealogy. I had to find out her Mother’s maiden name, and her Father’s name and occupation.  When you are trying to find out the information for someone who is one hundred years of age, then this is more of a challenge because records were not as good as they are now.  Fortunately I was able to connect with someone else who had discovered this information as a result of the research they were doing for their family trees.

My mother in law remembered some of the stuff that Gran had said about her family but she did not talk about it very often as she was more interested in the here and now.

There is so much you need to when a loved one passes.  Stuff that you would not normally think about so something you can do to make life easier for everyone is have records safely stored about your immediate family, your parents, your mother’s maiden name.

You need to think about what clothes your loved one will be buried or cremated in, if there is going to be a viewing before the funeral, what kind of casket your loved one should be in. Then there is the order of service and what photos you want to have in the order of service. Do you want a video of the service? What kind of flowers do you want on the casket?

All these things you need to do before you can start even grieving. We were planning the funeral to be on Wednesday, we were thinking of days only not dates and as a result it wasn’t until my husband and I were nearly home, that we realised that Wednesday is my birthday and we did not want my birthday to be ever linked to Gran’s funeral, so we immediately rang Alan’s Mum to say we have to do the funeral on Thursday, Fortunately she was speaking to the pastor at the time and was able to change the date.  The Funeral is now Thursday morning, with burial at the Graveyard from noon.

Meanwhile life goes on. We have had Valentine’s day yesterday, and today my husband and girlfriend did heap of things together as a way of celebrating my day. Tomorrow I will go back to my JOB, most of the running around has been done now and I can relax and let it all flow on.

Here are some of the photo’s that were taken at Gran’s 100th Birthday

Gran’s 100th Birthday Cake. My Mother-in-Law did the cake and the card is all icing.




The Flowers Gran got for her 100th
The Flowers Gran got for her 100th
Front Page of Card From the Queen
Inside the Card from the Queen

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