My Introduction

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Hi everyone

My introduction

My family consists of my husband Alan and our two cats, Raspberry and Coffee.  Alan and I have been happily married for 25 years this year and during that time we have explored a number of business opportunities and also done preparation by doing papers like the Certificate in Small Business and the Certificate in Advanced Business Growth.  For the second Certificate we did our research on starting an online business, so we have some understanding of the terminology of the online world.

My husband Alan and me on a day out
Raspberry and Coffee
Shadow on the Ottoman

A few years ago we finally completed a major goal for us of getting our outside living space working and installed a 78 square metre deck all enclosed at the front of the house which has enabled me to grow some citrus fruit in the very windy suburb of Woodridge, Wellington, New Zealand.  Today it has been so nice having the sliding door open so the cats can go in and out as they choose and the house can breathe.

Our Deck Long view
Showing the size of the deck
From the front of the house
Looking into the deck from the back






Both of us are exploring online businesses at the moment and looking to retire as soon as possible.

One of my major hobbies is sponsoring directly a few people in Africa.  I have a Kenyan family called the Sifuna Barasa Family which I sponsor directly.  I pay their monthly rent, have helped out with each girl’s birthday and also for Peter and Janet, have assisted them to get out of danger during the Kenya elections, have helped get family members out of hospital after they have been discharged, and generally keep in touch with the family. One of the things we have done is contribute towards the church they are building in their village. Hopefully next year we will get to visit the Sifuna family in Kenya.  We already know we will be having a holiday like no other when get there.

The Sifuna Family

I also support a young student in Uganda called Peter Omundi.  Since I have known him he has gone from been a young adult on the streets to a student at Medical laboratory school.  I have helped him get books for study, given him the confidence to apply for scholarship, find work in the meantime before school started and he treats me as his Mom.  I have sent over a suitcase of sheets, blankets and clothes for school and a good quality old phone which has enable him to keep in touch and also do research for school. Peter is asking for us to come over for his graduation next year.  He is so proud of what he has achieved so far.

This is a photo Peter has taken of the class in training.

My passion is helping people.  That is why I do online business.  I want to help people to succeed in whatever they are doing by providing them the tools to so so .  My love is mindset and how a positive attitude to life in general can get you places.



Have a wonderful day