Emotional Temperature | Where are you on the emotional Temperature scale?

The other day I was watching a talk that William Wood did at the January “Generation Hero” event and he was talking about Emotional Temperature.

This really pricked my attention so I decided to share a bit about here.

Imagine your emotional Temperature has a gauge from -100 to +100.

Where do you feel you are on that gauge right now?

This discussion was had at the event the day after the participants had completed a firewalk and board breaking exercises.  The temperature in the room at the time was pretty high as everyone was still on a high emotional level from the Fire-walking and board breaking events and also it was a group of highly motivated people.

But William said that we all have our emotional ups and downs,  and as marketers,  we have to be aware of where our emotional temperature is so we don’t repel people.

Thoughts show up in your micro features, the twitch of a lip, the position of an eye.

Thought comes through as an energy imprint.

How many times have you run into someone and thought to yourself, there is something wrong here, I do not want to be near this person.  That person may have done nothing wrong or done you any wrong but something in you triggers that you do not want to be near that person.  This often happens if the emotional Temperature is below zero.

When the emotional temperature is low, then you are more likely to repel people than attract them, and this will lead to your resources running out. William talks about times when his emotional temperature was low and as a result his business went down and then the finances went down.  As soon as he realised what was happening and started taking his emotional temperature his business went up.

There are rituals you can do to raise your emotional temperature.

Try pretending to be extremely happy, the sort of happy that if you had just won a huge lottery you would feel, jumping around and waving your arms and yelling for 30 seconds is one way to raise your emotional temperature very quickly.

Going to events and been around like minded people is another way to raise your emotional temperature.

It is all about raising your energy levels.

Before you do a video or write a blog, do something that will raise your emotional energy temperature so that you do not put out the wrong vibe.

Laughing hysterically for a few seconds is another great way to raise your energy temperature

When I was looking into this topic I came across this blog,  I would like to share with you discussing ways to raise your vibrational energy.

Remember everything in the world is made up of energy and manifesting money is just another form of manifesting energy.


What ways do you raise your vibrations (Your emotional Temperature)? Let me know in the comments below so we can share it with all other readers.


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