Behind the Scenes | Wellington My City

This is just a simple place about my City – Wellington. Showing some of the pictures I have taken about living in Wellington

As you know from other blogs I have shared in the past I live in Wellington New Zealand so today I am just going to share some photos of life in Wellington

To me Wellington is the most beautiful city to travel in to daily from northern suburbs.  The view of the harbour always stirs me.

Wellington Harbour
Wellington Harbour looking out over Oriental Bay

Wellington is known for being the best little capital in the world.  Everything is the town is within easy walking distance.  I generally park the car in a building in the middle of town and then can walk to anywhere I need to go to.

Wellington tries to be friendly.  We have local hosts all around the town to guide visitors, they are very visible as you can see below,  and both my husband and I make it a point whenever we see anyone with a map and looking a little lost to stop and help them find their way.

Wellington’s local hosts


Wellington is known for Weta Studios and been the home of the Lord of the Rings production and The Hobbit production.  So here is a picture of my husband standing in front of the White orc in the Information centre.

Alan in front of the White Orc

The architecture in Wellington is a mix of old and new but one of the great things about Wellington is the amount of green you find in the middle of the city.  There are benches and green spots spread all over the city and the Botanic gardens is a major part of the city.


The city puts on events in Civic square the most recent that I attended been a taste of the Edinburgh Tattoo.


Just a taste of the Edinburgh Tattoo in Civic Square Wellington

The city puts on events like festival of the arts and New Years eve events so here are just some of the shots I have captured over the years.

New Years Eve Fire Dancers
Fire Juggler and Eater Festival of the Arts
New Years Eve Fire Dancers


So as you can see there are a few great things going on in Wellington.

A great place to get information about Wellington is the Discover Wellington Site

There are also great restaurants, which are relaxed and fun.  Here is one of my favourites with Alan.  This is called Sweet Mother’s kitchen and is a very popular restaurant.

Enjoying Brunch at Sweet Mother’s kitchen


I love talking about and introducing people to my city.


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