Millionaire Mind |Wealth Principles |Money Mastery part 5

This post is further learnings from the book Secrets of the Millionaire mind. Today we discuss the first four wealth files in depth.
Think big, rich people create their own lives, Rich people play the money game to win, and are committed to been rich.

Millionaire Mind |Wealth Principles |Money Mastery

Yesterday I shared the 17 Wealth Files.  Today I am going to go into more detail on the first 4 Wealth files.

I am currently reading the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker and in this series of posts I am sharing what I am learning from this book.

The first Wealth File I am going to talk about is

Rich People believe “I create my Life” Poor People believe “Life happens to me”

The most important thing you meed to know about rich people is they believe they are responsible for their own life.  They choose to believe that they create their life by their thoughts and actions.

They do not blame anything else for where they are in life.  Rich people believe that no matter what (the environment is, the political situation is, my friends think of) what happens in my life is up to me.

Another thing that poor or middle class people do is justify to themselves that money is not really important.  If you do not think money is important then it will not feature greatly in your life.  Money is extremely important in the areas in which it works, and extremely unimportant in the areas in which it doesn’t. And although love may make the world go round, it sure doesn’t pay for the building of any hospitals, churches or homes.  It also doesn’t feed anybody.

Another clue that you are not thinking rich is complaining.  I just love this statement “When you are complaining, you become a living breathing “crap magnet””.  When you think this it really makes it clear to you that it is stupid to complain because the more you complain the more you are putting bad stuff out there, and the more that you put the bad stuff out there the more it will come back to you.

Whenever you hear yourself blaming, justifying or complaining stop immediately and remind yourself that you are creating your own life and that at every moment you will be attracting either success or crap into your life.  It is so important that you choose your thoughts and words wisely.

Remember Money Mastery is more mindset than technique

Remember there is no such thing as a really rich victim.

Wealth File 2

Rich people play the money game to win.  Poor people play the money game not to lose

If you shoot for the stars, you’ll at least hit the moon.  You need to think rich.  Give yourself treats every so often by doing things like not looking at the prices on a menu on a night out.  Make your goal to be rich not just comfortable.

Have the goal to have massive wealth and abundance not just to be comfortable and be able to pay the bills.

Wealth File 3

Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.

The number one reason people don’t get what they want is because they do not know what they want.  Rich people are totally clear that they want wealth.  They are unwavering in their desire and are fully committed to creating wealth, as long as it is legal moral and ethical they will do whatever it takes to have wealth.  Rich people choose to be rich firstly then commit which means holding nothing back to achieve being rich.

Wealth File 4

Rich people think big.  Poor people think small.

The law of income: You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace.

Are you going to play big or are you going to play small?

Here is a video I did on this recently

Would you rather solve problems for a small amount of people or a large amount of people.  The world doesn’t need people playing small.

The declaration that goes with this wealth file is very strong.  “I think big! I choose to help thousands and thousands of people”

If you want a vehicle that will help you to think big and live the life you want click on any of the banners on this page, message me on Facebook and leave a message below.

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12 thoughts on “Millionaire Mind |Wealth Principles |Money Mastery part 5”

  1. Unsuccessful people are in the victim mindset blaming everyone but themselves. Successful people take responsibility when things don’t go well. It’s all in the mindset of how you take good and bad blows

    1. Thank you Annalize. I am constantly amazed at how many references I am finding in books to mindset. It really does rule everything.

  2. Haha Leonie you made me crack up with this quote: “When you are complaining, you become a living breathing ‘crap magnet.'”

    Had to share it on Facebook as soon as I read it 🙂

    Great rest of the post BTW! I especially loved Wealth File 3. If you want to be rich you have to have a burning desire for wealth and be committed to achieving it.

  3. In this part of the book, the author makes it so evident how we think small as a member of the middle class and therefore live small. How necessary it is to change our thinking. Thanks for the share Leonie. Amazing book!

    1. Hi Carol, I have pulled out so much information from this book and am loving sharing the information I am learning. I too am learning that I have been thinking the way of the middle class for way too long.

  4. This book is such an eye-opener. And it’s so true that rich people choose to believe that they create their life by their thoughts and actions. As you think it … it shall be. So you may as well think big and take big actions.

    Another great wealth post!!!

    Thank you!

  5. Thanks for this article.

    “Remember there is no such thing as a really rich victim.” I like this sentence!
    I kind of thing that I still have a scarcity mindset (as most of us) but I understand that I’m responsible for that too.
    Jim Rohn said “I found it easier to get rich than I did to make excuses” and I truly believe that we must take responsibility for our life and our finance and let go of excuses.
    However, I feel like many of us enjoy playing the victim as it is sometimes more comfortable to use excuses than to get out of our comfort zone and make the necessary changes.
    I will keep thinking big and do my best to get rid of my scarcity mindset.

  6. Yeah great share Leonie. We had a call today within our community on personal accountability and how you are responsible for everything you create or don’t for that matter. Speaking with many prospects I occasionally get those that say “I just want enough money to pay my bills” How crazy is that. Being rich isn’t about being greedy. Imagine the people you can assist, the charities you can contribute to. Now that is exciting. I will be excited to get my hands on this book one day soon!
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. I love this book Leonie. Yes we can play a big real game or a small game. I am a bit like Di and used to play big until a few things happened and then I went into a small game. That is now behind me. Great post.

  8. Great piece Leonie,

    Play big or play small.

    I used to play big, then I went to playing small now I’m getting out again to play big

    Great reminder as where I’m at Leonie



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