Persistence | A great example of Persistence

A great example of persistence

Today I am going off topic, well kind of.  This week my husband has released the first few tee shirts in his designer tee shirt range so I am excited about that.

I am discussing this today because it is about persistence and desire.

Alan has been working really hard on the designs for this release for the last few weeks and will keep adding to the range over time.  He has currently got at least 30 designs in the pipeline.

Alan started talking about doing these tee shirts last year or even earlier and it has been his priority for the last few months .  The target market for Win-Dirty is sporting people and fans, particularly Wrestlers, MMA,  mountain bikers and fighters.  This is mainly because Alan has been involved with pro wrestling for about 20 years and loves the slogans that come out of these industries.

In the last week or two Alan has had issues with the platforms he was on and was getting really depressed so I was really proud and excited when he told me on Friday that he had the first tee-shirts on line. Over the last few weeks we have gone through depression and excitement and everything else in between but through persistence he has achieved his goal of getting his first designs out so hearing that news was the best thing.

Check out the store here we would love your support.

Here are some of the tee-shirts:

PicMonkey Collage teeshirts


In the last few weeks he has talked to designers and they have complimented him on his design work and given him some advice on layout.  He has also spent a lot of time researching on the internet and has not seen this kind of design work anywhere else so we believe these are unique.

I talked about persistence a few weeks ago so decided to show another example of persistence.

I am also working on persistence, Desire and habit -forming for me with the 90 day boot camp I am working on. We need to read, do videos and do blogging. I was reading in Napoleon Hills Keys to Success the other day about cosmic habit force and that is what we are working to achieve.

All of us are ruled by our habits. These are fastened onto us by repeated thoughts and experiences. You have complete right of control over your thoughts. We create patterns of thought by repeating certain ideas or behaviour until the Law of Cosmic Habitforce takes over these patterns and makes them more or less permanent unless or until you consciously rearrange them.

By doing the bootcamp  I am developing habits of persistence and consistency that will take my business and life forward every day.

If you want to join me in developing your business and life then click any of the banners on this page and let us work together.





13 thoughts on “Persistence | A great example of Persistence”

  1. Love the Tshirt Designs! And LOVE this post! Persistence is the key to achieving anything in life. Persistence is really Powerful. Thanks for the Great post!

  2. This is the Best way to get the word out,,,,,,Blog about it,,,,Great to see you both working on your
    Dreams,,,,,Best o Luck to you both

  3. Wonderful post, Leonie. The example with Alan is impressive and I believe it’s so rewarding for both of you that his T shirts business is picking up. Congrats for going through the boot-camp, it will definitely install the persistence habit. You also inspired me to read Napoleon Hills book, I didn’t read this one. Thanks a lot for sharing such value. Many Blessings!

    1. Thanks Dragos I am very proud of what Alan is achieving. And the Keys to Success was written from excerpts of Napoleon Hill’s after his death. I love some of the modern examples.

  4. Awesome that your husband is there with his first tee shirts Leornie. Persistence is key to achieving anything. Building a business has it’s ups and downs and it is our persistence that gets us through. The tee shirts look very cool. Thank your for sharing them with us.

  5. Success is in the persistence and consistency of our actions. You have some awesome t-shirt designs. Thank you for sharing all that you are doing!

  6. I love this post Leonie, you definitely have been developing your “habit” of persistency & doing it well. Such a strong definition of a word so many have no idea how to carry out. Thank you, I love this & I also love your T’s, will be getting some soon!!

  7. Persistence is such a powerful word and goes hand in hand with resilience and tenacity. To persist to the end no matter what … that takes some steel! So proud of you both! And I LOVE those T’s!!! Congrats and I wish you massive success with them!

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