Self Discipline | Ways to build your self Discipline

Self discipline enables you to think about the consequences then say your words. In other-words think before you act. This also means you control your emotions by regulating the power of each emotion.

Ways to build your Self Discipline

I have been reading a wonderful book called Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success and one of the chapters I have just read is all about Self Discipline.

The chapter is called Enforce Discipline and is one of the Keys to success.  There are six mini topics under the heading of Enforce your Self Discipline and they are Controlling your emotions, The big four, The power of Self-Discipline, The structure of your mind, The things you cannot discipline, and the power of will.

Controlling your Emotions – Self discipline enables you to think about the consequences then say your words.  In other-words think before you act. This also means you control your emotions by regulating the power of each emotion.

There are 14 emotions split into Positive emotions and Negative emotions.

These emotions are:

Love Fear
Sex Jealousy
Hope Hatred
Faith Revenge
Enthusiasm Greed
 Loyalty Anger
Desire Superstition

Emotions provide your driving power and if you can control them you will achieve amazing results.  They need to be balanced because too much of any emotion can overwhelm the others and take away reasoning for example there are those people that are so in love that they will do anything for their loved ones.  They are putty in the hands of others and rarely amount to anything because they have no purpose in their own life.

You must control and direct your emotions, not deny them.  Denial would be an impossible task because emotions are like a river, their power can be dammed and released under control and direction, but it cannot be held in check forever.

The section on the Big Four is all about using self discipline in four highly important areas.  Appetite, Positive Mental Attitude, Time and Definiteness of Purpose.  A Positive Mental Attitude is the is the only frame of mind in which you can have a definiteness of purpose.

Definiteness of purpose is the most important reason for self discipline.  You you know your definiteness of purpose then you will do everything in your abilities to achieve it.  The power of Self-Discipline allows you to achieve amazing things.  Let’s look at Mahatma Gandhi.



Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most powerful persons in the world, and he didn’t have a house, and had no money but his influence is incredible

This man over long years defeated the British Empire because his definiteness of purpose was to free the people of India.  He went the extra mile to free hundreds of thousands of people. He had applied faith. He completely cleared his mind of any doubt that freedom would be won. And he had amazing self discipline.

Focus your mind on your definiteness of Purpose and self-discipline will be learned along the way to make sure you achieve your definiteness of Purpose.

So going back to the title of this blog

Self Discipline Ways to build your self discipline

Do you think you have learnt ways to build your self discipline?

What ways do you use to build your self-discipline?

Reading is a good start.  Another way is listening to inspiring audios.

I do both and I am amazed daily on what I seem to be achieving.

If you are interested in building your Self Discipline then check out the banners on this post  and join me in this journey of discovery and self discipline.

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15 thoughts on “Self Discipline | Ways to build your self Discipline”

  1. Gosh … I have this book sitting on my shelf and I’ve not read it yet. Your post has inspired me to do so. The concept that definiteness of purpose leads to self-discipline is at the root of every successful person who ever walked the earth!

    Thank you for inspiring me to take this book off the shelf and get stuck into it!

  2. Leonie,

    Self discipline is an art form for sure. Some people have it in spades and seemingly move through their lives with conviction and purpose, while others grind away spinning wheels.

    I love how you’ve framed Gandhi in this post. What a remarkable example of someone who knew his purpose and character through his own discipline.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    1. Thank-you Ken I am learning self-discipline more and more with this wonderful boot-camp we are on. I would not have been as self-disciplined as if it wasn’t for this boot camp. The self-discipline of the likes of Gandhi has always impressed me.

  3. Napolean Hill and Mahatma Ghandi are prime influence’s in the changes of the world. They have moved world transformation, during our time and no doubt into the future.

    Fantastic work Leonie, I must check that book out.

    1. Thank You Dave. This is a book we have had for years. The particular book was compiled from Napoleon’s own notes and references a lot of more modern events which were after Napoleon’s time.

  4. Great value — this is one book that I have not read. Thank you for sharing your takeaways — I will have to read this whole book!

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