How to survive a very emotional week

Thank you for joining me today. I am sorry I have not been very communicative this week but I have been going through a very emotional week.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for joining me today.  I am sorry I have not been very communicative this week but I have been going through a very emotional week.

As I said in my last blog my husband’s grandmother passed on 12th February, and since then it has been an interesting week.

As I mentioned in the last blog, my birthday was also last week and we remembered that it was Wednesday just as we were heading into our drive and as a result moved the day of the funeral. So to catch you up with the rest o the week.

On Monday I went to work, Tuesday was a bereavement day, it was also the day my husband and I had medical appointments which had been booked weeks ago.  On Tuesday we went to the florist, we had seen an example of her work on line.  The result was beautiful so here is a link to her website.  Wednesday I returned to the office and had a normal day.  My birthday pretty much went un-noticed at the time this year except by my closest friends and family and my friends on Facebook.  On Thursday it was the funeral.  It was a beautiful funeral which gave me the opportunity to grieve for my grandmother and my friend to grieve for her grandmother as well as Gran. Friday was a normal day of work, however I was feeling a bit emotionally unstable at times.

Casket Flowers

I also had other news that was disturbing this week so I have been doing the following things to get me over this hump.

To get me through this week I have been listening to my Inner Circle recordings to keep me positive, listening to my angel cards, and started using the Esther and Jerry Hicks cards about Ask and you will receive.

All of this has kept me on pretty even keel so I have not dived into depression or anything bad with this week.

I recommend to any one that they make use of the Inner Circle recordings to get you over the humps in life, the information in them is so valuable and inspiring when you need it.  The one I have listened to most this week is a Lawrence Tam talk about being greater than average.

The other thing that has kept my spirits up has been seeing all the positive quotes that have been passing through my Facebook feed from all of my fellow Tribe mates and other friends.  Thank you to everyone for your support during this last week.

If you want this same sort of support and wonderfully positive messages in your friend feed and absolutely supportive people in your lives then click the banner below or in the middle of this post and join me in this wonderful journey of discovery.  I would love to meet you and help you achieve your dreams.  See you on the beaches or mountains of the world, I look forward to supporting you on your journey

Have a great day


3 thoughts on “How to survive a very emotional week”

  1. Such a beautiful post Leonie and I must say that I am so moved by your openness to share so freely. And yes, it’s incredibly powerful to be able to access resources that can get your mindset where it needs to be, whenever you need it to.

    I’m so happy to see you back!

  2. Sorry for your loss – I too have been through bereavements (who hasnt!) and the Inner Circle plus other empowering material really do help, thanks for sharing your story Leonie 🙂

  3. Yes, you’re right, Leonie! The Inner Circle is so uplifting and inspirational, also informational! It’s also great to read from others who have been through a similarly challenging week. Thanks for sharing, and keep at it!

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