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I have never had to struggle in my life. I do not have one of those stories where I was flat broke before I decided to do this business or having suffered a major trauma in my life. I have never wanted for anything

Hi everyone,

I have never had to struggle in my life.  I do not have one of those stories where I was flat broke before I decided to do this business or having suffered a major trauma in my life.  I have never wanted for anything.  I was bought up in a hardworking home, taught to work from a young age.  My parents taught the value of work from a young age, my father ran his own business and did do all of my life until retirement after the Christchurch Earthquakes.  I went to a private school in Christchurch and then did a year of Varsity at Otago, and a year of Tech at CIT Heretaunga in Wellington, then got a job.  I have always been able to find work when I needed it and have never wanted for anything except freedom and travel.

But since I have started this business I have been introduced to some wonderful people that have had major challenges.  Today I just want to share with you the links to their blogs.  They make me so proud to see what they are doing and how this business is helping them overcome the hurdles in their life.

The first lady I would like to introduce you to is Katiepie.  http://buildingabrandonline.com/Katiepie/

Katie suffered a major accident and has been blogging her recovery and is now blogging for this business as well.  Her writing is incredible and she shows such strength in everything she does.

The other lady I would like to share with you is Kristina http://buildingabrandonline.com/KristinaBeresford/

Through Kristina I am finding out about MTBI (Minor Traumatic Brain Injury).  It is amazing the tips she provides and how they are useful to anyone.  I now have an understanding of how easy it is to get this kind of injury and can think of how lucky I have been not to suffer it with the many knock on the head and whiplash I have received.

If you have suffered a major trauma and want to write you way through it this business can help you.  A blog can help you get any information you want out there. And by joining this blogging system you can also make some money out of it as well to help you get through life, or to give yourself the time to heal properly.  If you want to know more about how to get your life back then contact me on Facebook, Twitter or Linked in and I can show you how.

Have a wonderful day


4 thoughts on “Other Blogs I am loving”

  1. I really identified with your story Leonie; not necessarily the details, but the lack of real hardship. But it’s not just hardship that makes a worthy story, I’m finding. I love that blogging gives expression to our life.

  2. What a good idea to recommend other blogs you’ve come across along the 21-day-blogging-challenge! I’ll model after you…

  3. I think we were brought up the same Leonie. I grew up on a farm, so we started work very young. Instills a great work ethic doesn’t it?

    1. Yes, I remember every school holiday working in the family business, until I got to University then I did the Student holiday job of Cherry picking so work ethic was instilled from a young age.

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